Mobile Apps That Make Your Asset Management Effortless

From HVAC to Facility management, companies in different industries are mysteriously shunning paper forms for mobile form apps that have better advantages. But the real question is can these mobile form apps really help enterprises become more efficient and profitable? Read this blog to find out the surprising benefits that mobile form apps have got to offer!


Back in the day, asset management was synonymous with time-consuming & a tedious process.
If you are an enterprise that deals with asset management, you would already know the challenges. Most of these pain points emerged from the paper-based approach that they were following.
It is a true fact that paper forms still happen to be the core part of the data collection process even now.
But, Did you know that enterprises are undergoing a digital transformation by using asset management apps for their asset management?
According to an Enterprise Mobility Report:
Here’s a typical scenario: any enterprise into field management services (FMS) or asset management have to send inspectors to the site or field by assigning jobs on paper documents.
These inspectors would spend the whole day on the field carrying the inspection along with collecting the required data on the paper forms. These forms reach offices by late evening along with timesheets, repair request forms, etc.

How Easy is it With Mobile Forms?

Mobile form builder have eased the jobs for everyone – right from the field technicians and inspectors to the managers. Enterprises have been able to save time, money, and effort with mobile form apps.

What is interesting is that with enterprise mobility, companies have cut down on errors to a large scale. This has resulted in better compliance for different processes including asset management. Managers now have the capability to audit the data captured in real-time.
It’s no wonder that field teams using mobile form apps are capturing data faster. Features like auto-fill, radio buttons, skip logic, etc. allow the teams to fill the forms faster and skip repetitive sections of the forms.
Enterprises have achieved multiple goals by embracing mobile forms. They could even improve the customer satisfaction levels significantly.
Time spent on administrative tasks was also brought down for managers who could now focus on strategic decision-making.

From Just Data to Rich Data Collection

The advantages of using mobile form apps are multi-fold. Now inspection teams are able to click the pictures of the asset and embed them in their digital forms.
These pictures can even have annotation – to add better descriptions about the asset. Just imagine how difficult it must have been for team collecting data on paper forms.
Describing the condition of the asset by writing for pages, and still not being able to make the point. Now, just capture a photo & mark it – it’s done!
Not just this, there are other features of mobile form app that have empowered the teams like never before.
Rich data collection allows audio & video capture. Adding timestamps, locations, and signature on the eforms through mobile apps have brought a greater degree of transparency and visibility for teams, managers, and even customers.
Field technicians, inspectors, and auditors are now able to collect the data even when offline. The data gets submitted when the internet connectivity is restored later.

Simple Tools with Powerful Features

Mobile apps have made the work a lot easier – tracking by asset tracking app & managing different types of assets is simple now. Be it HVAC systems or emergency supplies, track it in real-time.
Enterprises can schedule tasks for the technicians, inspectors, and auditors who receive the notifications on the apps – so that no appointment is missed ever.
It’s surprising for companies that simple mobile apps are giving them the power to reduce the downtime, carry preventive maintenance, ensure timely inspections, extend asset life, etc.
Automation is another weapon added to the arsenal. Tasks are assigned based on the specific inputs.
Concerned teammates receive notification on their mobile app for the task that they have to complete – it might be a repair job generated by the inspector during his inspection.

Mobile Forms for Better Compliance

Utmost care has to be taken when safety issues or strict compliance is into the picture. Paper forms cannot do proper justice because there is huge scope for manual errors to happen while data collection.
With mobile form apps, it is assured that errors are avoided during the inspection process, which eventually results in better compliance.
Field teams, frontline executives, technicians, etc. can always access the necessary checklists that allow them to never miss on critical aspects when on the field, this makes compliance very easy.
With so many powerful features, mobile form apps are replacing paper forms. Axonator is one such powerful mobile form app for enterprises. Axonator offers agility to your enterprise.
You can customize the app at a later point in time as per your new requirements. Redesigning the forms on the Axonator platform is very easy since a form can be designed just by drag and drop.

Axonator - A Trusted Mobile Form Solution

Businesses using Axonator asset management app have seen a major rise in compliance of their processes, better asset management, employ preventive maintenance.
But what makes Axonator better than other mobile solutions? The answer lies in the fact that Axonator offers analytics that can help you track and measure the performance.
The decision-making process is now backed by business insights gained from analytics rather than gut feeling.
With Axonator, you can introduce a great deal of accuracy in your processes. Axonator’s analytics dashboard can help your enterprise identify significant trends that might help you make some concrete business decisions.
The dashboard can help you access reports in the form of charts and graphs that help you determine important data quickly.
But what makes Axonator better than other mobile solutions? The answer lies in the fact that Axonator offers analytics that can help you track and measure the performance. The decision-making process is now backed by business insights gained from analytics rather than gut feeling.
Axonator has proved to be a convincing mobile solution for many enterprises who underwent the digital transformation.
Interested in knowing how Axonator can help your asset management and help you become more efficient, productive, and profitable?
Get in touch with us today at  [email protected]
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