5 Ways Mobile Apps Improve Incident Management? The 2022 Informational Guide

Emma AndersonJuly 23, 2021

Incidents are of the major obstacles in facility management that managers, despite being fully prepared, can’t escape. Some of the major incident management examples include fires, flooding, malfunctioning equipment, oil spliling theft or loss of inventory, etc

Given the complexities of such situations, the facility manager must engage his knowledge of best practices and form an effective incident management process that would lessen the negative effects on his organization’s business

As such, irrespective of the industry, whether it is construction, manufacturing, or oil and gas, facility managers must stand on their toes while supervising their facilities for incident management

Consequently, while doing so, they will be able to perform better and produce clean, professional, and precise incident reports. In such situations, mobile apps become a boon for facility managers to create a standard incident management process

In such situations, mobile apps become a boon for facility managers. In recent developments towards digital transformation, we have seen an exponential rise in incident management tools including facility management mobile apps and solutions

These solutions empower managers to streamline all operations while optimizing the facility’ and prevent potential emergencies by using incident alert management mobile solutions. Facility managers can use a range of innovative tools in complying with all regulations that help them make better-informed decisions

Let’s see in detail how mobile apps act as superior incident management tools and help companies to manage different types of incidents.

What is Incident Management?

The incident management system is ideally aimed at restoring the performance of the services of an organization to normal as soon as feasible. Ideally, it has little or no adverse effects on your core business. This often implies that events depend on temporary working arrangements while later you discover the underlying issue of an incident

Introduction to Incident Management in FM

In facility management, an incident management system is an emergency response, understanding, and response system combining equipment, people, procedures, and communications

This can be achieved by having access to as much important event data as possible in the quickest possible period. As a result, they would be able to restart operations promptly and save precious money and resources

Mobile Apps to the Rescue

Collection and Reporting Incident

As soon as an organization gets the wind of an incident, collecting and contacting the persons directly involved becomes the task at priority. This first-hand information will favor facility managers to get a sense of what has happened and assess the information on hand

A mobile incident management app provides security personnel to enhance emergency reaction times considerably. But not only enhance interactions between team members, but they also allow administrators to provide the mobile device for each end-user with all the necessary corporate security plans and documentation

Each employee has all the necessary information in the palm of his hand when a crisis occurs. Administrators may even inform workers in times of crisis with real-time warnings and messages via the app

Incident Management App

Herein, mobile apps will help in organizing the whole incident inspection pipeline. From scheduling interviews, annotating incident items to jotting down crucial elements of the incident will be super easy with the help of a mobile app

Further, the app would be helpful in collecting data-add ons such as images, videos, and make it easy for managers to compile evidence all the while making the process easy, convenient, and secure with all the information tracked at every step

Transparency in Incidents
If you are still using a paper-based or sheets-based process to note down incident reports, there’s likely a chance that your employees are a part of the program. As every personnel carries at least one smart device with him/her, incident reporting can be made super easy in bringing forth incidents with truth and transparency
Mobile app makes incident management super easy.

The inclusion of a mobile-centric app eliminates the requirement to put incident management records into physical papers that maybe at some point will be unreachable for people

Mobile applications nowadays can immediately provide all essential information to the mobile devices of end-users and even make it possible for Internet services to be unavailable

This increased access to information enables staff to respond decisively in a time-saving situation. Advocating mobility, the mobile applications also favor your team to avoid any kinds of longer communication techniques, which can result in extra waste of time

Furthermore, incidents can be recorded at the exact times and remedies can be taken promptly. Not to mention, the use of the mobile app in such scenarios also adds up to employee engagement as they are directly involved in the princess with utmost transparency.  This employee engagement also builds trust among the teams and further paves the way for improved safety culture

Clear Communication, Real-time Updates & Notification Alerts

Being connected all-time through the internet supports employees to establish clear communications. They can message, inform, and update staff and managers about the incidents or undertaking relevant tasks. This sharing of information can further be coupled with real-time updates and notifications whenever an incident occurs or some associated values go below the standard threshold

Message, inform, and update staff and managers about the incidents or undertaking relevant tasks

Real-time updates entail requests, tasks, or activities undertaken, which enable your team to stay abreast of all the developments in case of an incident. And when talking about notification alerts, pre-assigned templates about critical alerts can be set to specified employee smart devices

The customization ability further takes the ability for a manager to set alerts for different individuals, teams, or even departments to stay updated with the developing situation

Stay Abreast with Compliance

It is well recognized that many organizations, although the majority spend hours working to avoid such fines, lose thousands of dollars a year in the payment of compliance punishments

A mobile incident management app thus allows workers to receive the rules they need to follow safety, health, and more. All in all, using a mobile app, is simpler to accomplish and keeps the objective of maintaining compliance

Lower Expenditure and Costs

Working in an area of greater risk implies that your company and workers are familiar with spending a little on claims for disease and injury every year

The exact information that workers need to be safe and healthy, whether situated on-site or at company headquarters, may be provided in such situations via a mobile application. The mobile nature thus allows for a quicker and more effective reaction to incidents and that is also possible in the yearly statistics

On top of all, Bad safety record companies need to invest time and money to enhance their reputation and position. But enabling your company to access corporate security programs in real-time may assist in optimize security across the whole business and make your target of zero recordable events closer

In Conclusion

It is evident that facility management software allows for a more efficient way of managing facilities, however, mobile apps have come to aid the facility manager in ensuring that tasks are carried out with precision and effectiveness

Facility management software allows concerns regarding maintenance, safety, construction, and related activities to be easily addressed as they can be managed from anywhere and at any time

The use of mobile apps in incident management can reduce the amount of time required to take down an incident report, especially when the facility manager is not at his desk. All an FM manager needs to do is use their mobile phones to document the problems with pictures

Today, facilities are witnessing an array of new trends in facility management, fueled by a surge of smart technologies and efficient mobile apps

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5 Ways Mobile Apps Improve Incident Management? The 2022 Informational Guide

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