How Mobile Apps Improve Facility Maintenance Management Services?

Mobile Apps To Improve Facility Maintenance Management Services
In today’s competitive world, the one thing that can keep facility management organizations on top of their game is innovation.
In a bid to be at the forefront of the industry, FM companies worldwide have started adopting innovative methodologies such as facility maintenance management software, workflow automation software, and most importantly, mobile apps to streamline their day-to-day activities.
Mobile apps offer interesting use cases and opportunities across the board and forward-thinking companies are unlocking their potential to streamline business operations.
FM companies across the globe are successfully adopting mobile apps to automate their facility maintenance management service landscape and assist their workforce to be more productive.
In fact, reliable reports cite that around 60% of organizations worldwide are looking for a mobile-centric platform to streamline their operations.

But before moving forward, let’s first understand the concept first!

What is Mobile-based Facilities Maintenance Management Software?

Mobile-based facilities maintenance management software is a maintenance management system developed to keep enterprise mobility in the mind.
Your workforce can access this software through mobile phones to conduct daily maintenance actives.
These responsibilities involve critical duties such as continuous maintenance and repairs, including asset management, procurement and adherence to commercial contractors, order execution, preventative maintenance planning, invoicing, and data analysis.

Such software can be easily managed through mobile phones, facility managers need to not be physically present on particular building sites for allocation for maintenance tasks leading to saving of time and improved convenience both for the building occupants and the service staff.

This sort of software is meant to assist enterprises to save money and time via more efficient and efficient management of their facilities, assets, and employees.

Multi-site facility managers can execute a range of duties with modern facility management software.

Now that you have understood what is facilities maintenance management software, lets now move forward to;

8 Benefits of Mobile-based Facility Maintenance Management Solution

1. Improved Maintenance Scheduling

Different facilities and equipment will have a difference in maintenance needs. Citing instances to highlight the same, checking oil levels on specific machines, changing air filters regularly on HVAC units, and so on.
Thus, not scheduling maintenance properly or missing this preventive maintenance can result in equipment breakdowns and other operational issues.
Axonator | Maintenance Checklists & Forms
With mobile apps, companies can schedule such planned maintenance and develop the work orders needed.
These apps have empowered companies to get up-to-date information related to facility maintenance services.

2. Better Team Collaboration to Solve Maintenance-related Challenges

With MicroApps, external users like equipment operators, customers, or any concerned person can conveniently submit requests for maintenance-related work.
They can keep track of all these requests and reports. Moreover, advanced Mobile Apps can even use this information to create maintenance work orders for maintenance technicians.

Mobile apps can email this information to technicians or outside contractors to solve maintenance-related challenges.

3. Efficient Tracking of Pending Work

Mobile Apps or facility maintenance management software can be used to track pending maintenance work orders and receive real-time status updates from technicians. These work orders can be received as an email to update and close pending work orders. 

Moreover, if a maintenance staff member forgets to finish a work order or report the status, companies can send out reminders.

4. Real-Time Data Sharing to Track Maintenance Tasks

The usage of real-time data with facility management apps allows the field workforce to gather complete maintenance information.

Field staff members can then send this information to back-office/office workers to come up with an immediate response.
These mobile apps provide transparency and accountability in real-time at every step of the service process, ensuring efficiency and better outcomes.
Field staff members can then send this information to back-office/office workers to come up with an immediate response.

5. Improved Reporting to Management

Management authorities of facility management companies require easy-to-understand reports on the maintenance department’s work.

However, trying to complete this manually will be time-consuming as well as difficult.
Create work orders in a calendar view with filters like assigned technician, activities, location, etc.
Thus, companies worldwide are increasingly using facility maintenance management software or Mobile Apps to make standard maintenance reports and compare performance with prior periods.

6.Assign the Correct Maintenance Technician for Each Job

Mobile FM apps significantly streamline the facility maintenance management landscape.
It empowers schedulers to send the best technician for field service based on real-time data technician location, availability, and skillset and enables all agents in the field to be connected to the home office.
This real-time connection facilitates a more informed and accountable team.

7. Enable Consistency and Verification of Completed Work

Field workers can verify maintenance work orders through photos, location, signature collection and utilize centralized inspections and field forms to ensure consistency.
Mobile-based FM software allows the field workforce to document finished work by taking photos on mobile phones or tablets and can capture customer signatures for work orders and other authorizations.
By developing FM apps integrated with field forms including audits, checklists, and other fields, organizations ensure that their technicians are carrying out their duties efficiently.

8. Connectivity All Around

Using mobile apps to track maintenance processes empowers organizations to take preventive and corrective actions at the right time without delays.
Companies can also identify field locations according to their performance on maps and create tasks with deadlines and priority levels.
With connected mobile apps, the entire field is visible from anywhere in the organization: home offices, back offices, warehouses, and many more.
Such mobile apps provide records in real-time, on location, which in turn results in improved customer service relationships.
Using mobile apps, field workers can report on-site equipped with the appropriate parts and knowledge of the service history of the equipment, enabling them to do the job correctly and quickly.

The Bottom Line

You must have now understood that implementation of mobile apps is the most pivotal step if you are seeking to optimize maintenance tasks.

However, organizations across the world have always faced the challenge of scheduling daily maintenance activities. 

If your organization is in need of assistance, Axonator is here to help.

We have specifically developed facility management software to assist organizations in streamlining their end-to-end maintenance activities. 

Together, we hope to help your organization feel empowered to make facility-related decisions for better management. 

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