Axonator’s Thought Leadership: The MicroApp Strategy

Most organizations today are seeking to implement digital transformation projects in a bid to boost productivity, efficiency, and drive profits.

Some projects involve sweeping changes that include automation of previously manual tasks, while others seek to replace older technology with newer, updated systems. While the goal of digital transformation may be to simplify and streamline a company’s workflow, the process itself can be far from easy.

High cost, long project timelines, and difficult adoption are some of the key reasons why digital transformation initiatives fail in most organizations. 

This calls for a strong approach towards digital transformation capable of solving all these challenges and that’s where Axonator’s ‘MicroApp Strategy’ comes into the picture!

Did You Know?

“70% of digital transformation projects fall short of their goals, even when leadership is aligned.”

What is Axonator's MicroApp Strategy?

Pioneered by Axonator, ‘The MicroApp strategy’ is not moving to new technology but is a strategy to drive your digital transformation in a step-by-step manner using modern no-code tools and practices.

Instead of taking on a herculean task of automating the entire organizational process, the MicroApp Strategy allows you to go one step at a time. 

Overambitious digital transformation projects fail all the time. It is the time we change the strategy to incorporate the human side of transformation and rapidly changing business environments.

“Focus on your 20% problem areas that drive 80% of operational productivity”.

The Implementation of “The MicroApp Strategy” is Easy!

Axonator MicroApp Strategy is a proven strategy that empowers you to bring the full power of field digital transformation into your enterprise and beyond.  Here is how we implement the MicroApp Strategy to enable rapid digital transformation in record time & cost.

  • Identify the high-impact areas in your organization that will benefit the most from automation.
  • Build only what you need, one microapp at a time
  • Quickly roll out apps and gather feedback
  • Update fast and then scale
  • Generate reports & dashboards, learn from the data, and keep optimizing over years
  • Your processes are digitized in weeks

The Top Benefits of Digital Transformation using the Axonator’s MicroApp Strategy

Accelerated Speed of App Development

We develop high-performance native mobile apps within a week. 

Automate Mission Critical Processes at First

Effortlessly automate workflows that have the most impact on your business. 

Lesser Workforce Training

Easy-to-use user interface, resulting in lesser workforce training. 

Faster Adoption rate For Every Industry

100% adoption rate across every industry. Be it facility management or manufacturing. 

Excellence Adaptability for Changing Needs

Easily scale MicroApps using Axonator no-code platform as per changing company needs.

Better Control On Cap-Ex and Op-Ex

Don’t spend millions on building , hard-coded software. Pay only for features that you use. 


In this article, we have understood what is Axonator MicroApp Strategy and how it helps organizations across the world to achieve digital transformation in record time & cost.

If your organization needs assistance, you can connect with our MicroApp Strategists here for a detailed consultation. 

We will identify your mission-critical processes and deploy MicroApps within a week to help your organization achieve great heights.

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  1. What is Axonator’s MicroApp Strategy?
  2. The Implementation of “The MicroApp Strategy” is Easy
  3.  The Top Benefits of Digital Transformation using the Axonator’s MicroApp Strategy

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