Achieve Stellar Results By Integrating Axonator CAFM With IBM Maximo

Achieve Stellar Results By Integrating Axonator CAFM With IBM Maximo

Considering the entire spectrum of facilities management services, it is really difficult to find a CAFM mobile app that is capable of integrating seamlessly with a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) for enhancing operations. The core of any effective facility management app or software lies in its capability to execute critical maintenance management tasks like creating and assigning work orders, plan and schedule preventive maintenance tasks based on severity or time constraints, effective management of building assets and tracking the cost of maintenance. 
Such a platform, that is effectively a CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) solution should exhibit the versatility of superior execution of all the critical tasks associated with facility management not limited to just executing maintenance, inspections, compliance tracking and streamlining reporting and monitoring. In addition, the CAFM solution should be able to seamlessly integrate with the necessary third party software/platforms that chiefly function as a CMMS for enhancing the capabilities of the integrated system that lead to optimized facility management processes and ultimately better profitability and work environment.

Need To Integrate Axonator CAFM Solution With IBM Maximo Asset Management

The Axonator facility management app is a superior CAFM solution that has the required ability to seamlessly integrate with the required external or third party software, specifically a CMMS to enable better preventive maintenance procedures and asset management functionalities. To achieve this, the Axonator CAFM can be easily integrated with the IBM Maximo CMMS for enhancing the capabilities of the versatile Axonator app.

By specifically boosting the capabilities related to reducing maintenance costs and extending the life of building assets significantly through seamless integration with IBM Maximo CMMS, the Axonator platform reinforces its superiority and adoption by the facilities management companies. Let us now explore in detail how the IBM Maximo CMMS compliments the Axonator CAFM solution for creating a well maintained synergy in specific areas mentioned above. 

Preventive Maintenance

The scope of preventive maintenance extends to performing maintenance tasks as per a predetermined schedule to minimize defects and equipment downtime. The entire preventive maintenance process generates a huge quantity of data that facilitates in determining the optimal schedule and time interval for performing the maintenance work for enhancing the productive life of assets. 

In the realm of facility management, certain aspects of preventive maintenance are specially useful in certain specific areas. For example, the CMMS system is fed temperature, vibration, electrical or other types of conditional data. Consequently, the CMMS automatically generates alerts and notifications in the form of a maintenance task when the conditions are outside the pre-fed thresholds.

Another important CMMS functionality is related to material and asset management by providing the Axonator CAFM a list of all the materials or spare parts that are required for executing a particular work order in sync with the inventory data. This ensures that the facility management personnel on-site know beforehand their requirements for completing a specific service request. 

By integration of Axonator CAFM with the IBM Maximo CMMS, this linkage of materials and parts with the upkeep tasks and generation of automatic alerts when critical parameters in systems like HVAC, fire fighting and electric supply cross the pre-fed thresholds help in the effective execution of all facility management services. 

Asset Management

Preventive maintenance also includes the maintenance of assets in a way that reduces equipment downtime and minimizes defects in physical assets. The CMMS helps in the process of creating the required child parent relationship necessary for asset structuring, that leads to better knowledge of every component of an equipment thereby benefiting the maintenance team. This inturn leads to better efficiency of the maintenance team as they are in a position to repair a particular equipment effectively. All these benefits contribute in maximizing the uptime of critical assets. 

The Axonator CAFM solution further enhances the asset management required in FM processes by offering functionalities like QR code and barcode scanning, which saves significant time in retrieving the asset details on-site. Further, the integrated Axonator CAFM and Maximo CMMS platform leads to minimizing the cost of inventory management for storing and maintaining the required materials and spare parts for carrying out building maintenance activities. 

How The Integration Process Is Achieved?

How The Integration Process Is Achieved?

The synergy between Axonator facility management software and IBM Maximo CMMS is achieved by ensuring the implementation of a mobile first strategy and device management plan that leads to maximum benefits by integrating the two platforms. The robust app architecture of Axonator facility management software along with a solid technical base results in a seamless implementation of the integration process with the IBM Maximo CMMS. 

In addition, by devising a seamless integration capability with third party platforms, Axonator ensures the widespread and accelerated adoption of its CAFM solution. An enhanced understanding of the critical business processes of an organization along with its work culture and the existing back office system results in a successful integration of two powerful platforms, thereby providing companies with stellar results. 

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