Leveraging Satellite Help Desk Management Software to Enhance Customer Experience

Keeping customers satisfied is critical to most organizations’ idea of success. Customer satisfaction provides business owners and marketers with a metric that they can use to manage and improve their businesses. However, many businesses find it challenging to keep track of customer service requests if they operate multiple brands or online stores. In such cases, separate help desks for each business can cause a lot of confusion among service staff members.

These circumstances call for a streamlined approach focused on resolving queries from different companies or software and that’s where multi-company or satellite helpdesk management software comes into the picture!

A satellite help desk software is developed for businesses with an extensive portfolio of companies, products, and brands. It has empowered organizations to operate a single service staff portal for multiple brands. For instance, when a customer asks a question about a product for sale on one of your websites and another user wants information about a new product that belongs to another brand you own, all of this data would be displayed in one convenient location.

Key Benefits of Using Satellite Help Desk Software

Multiple Customer Portal

With satellite help desk management software, each company/brand/product can have its own support portal with a separate knowledge base. Companies can customize these portals as per the identity of brands. This means that whenever consumers contact one of your companies it will look like they never left the website they were on because the satellite help desk’s portal will have the same design and logo.

Access to Multiple Databases

With the software, each business entity can use the complete database level, although each company’s data is separate from each other. Companies can also choose to give particular employees access to particular departments and businesses and restrict others. This has empowered businesses to control which employees have the power to see information from other departments.

Convenient to Use

A satellite help desks management software is easy to configure and use. The software has emerged as preferred solutions for companies operating in different time zones and regions. It also saves the huge cost that is needed to setup an individual help desk for each firm.

Saves Costs and Improves Efficiency

Efficient management of multiple brands and products from one central location is helping companies in saving both time and money. It eliminates the need to spend countless hours performing and installing maintenance on multiple help desk solutions. Service staff members can save time by only having access to a single portal to handle all customer needs. This often results in high productivity and huge savings.

Custom Responses

Customer support teams can answer tickets for each company or product with a custom, branded email. The ability to customize each response based on the entity versus a generic response will definitely increase customer satisfaction.

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