Is paper-captured field data affecting your business?

Emma AndersonSeptember 30, 2019
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A well-researched business strategy is the cornerstone of the success of any business operation. This research depends entirely on the data that is collected in the field from the targeted customer base of the service of the business. When it was done with paper, a long and tedious process like this used to demand a lot of investment regarding staffing, logistics and time as well. Thankfully, with the advancement of  digital technology and the advent of mobile  data collection apps, this has changed. You can now create data collection forms and then convert your forms into any digital format.

Technology is an ever expanding, ever-changing sphere that touches every part of our lives. No aspect of our lifestyle is out its prevue, from medicine to education, from household to space research, the advancement of technology never stops. It is, therefore, only natural that something as important as business changes with it. To form business strategies based on data, information must be collected from individuals in households and organizations. But with paper-based data collection, there are many limitations. And if these limitations are somehow even managed, you must convert your forms digitally. Data once collected must be entered manually into a computer system. Between these significant steps, however, there can be several slips and  data entry itself cannot be completely free of mismatches. Let's examine how paper captured field data might be affecting your business negatively!

The Long Journey of Paper Forms

The first and the foremost concern that is related to paper-based  data collection is the long and arduous transportation and logistics flow involved with it. The paper must be transported by some means or the other, which is bound to be much slower than any digital format. Forms must be printed, and then sent to the field workers, who must then travel with them, and then finally, the whole process in reverse before the data reaches the end user

When you convert your forms to a digital format, the time and complexity are infinitely reduced. Forms thus designed, can be sent through the internet quickly and more efficiently to the handheld devices of the workers, who can then fill the data and send them back on a real-time basis

The Exposure to the Elements

Not only is this journey long, but it also exposes the invaluable data forms to the elements. Rains, fire, traffic accidents, theft, and misuse, the list of these risks are exceptionally long. Sending these forms digitally eliminate these risks entirely from the equation. Quick and sure to reach the desired destination, digitization gives you the speed you need in today’s competitive environment

The Lack of Accuracy

With multiple steps involved in the process, it is only natural that the number of human errors and oversights is increased many times. First, the data needs to be collected manually. This process can have a few mistakes. Thereafter, while you convert your forms, the data entry itself requires a lot of determination and care. Yet, there is no way of ensuring that it remains completely free of all errors. Digital forms ensure that there is little to no mismatch between these two processes as the data entered at the first step itself is introduced into a computer system

Lack of Control

The team back at the office is literally helpless without the field staff. There is no control and supervision that they have over the team in the field, and until you convert your forms and make them usable for analysis and further application, the real business process cannot start at all. Digital forms make sure that there is no wait at all. Data is collected, transported and ready for analysis in a flash. And the leadership team can supervise how the field staff is working. Axonator is a product that allows the capture of data with timestamps and GPS location of the staff, ensuring the project team can even decide how the staff has performed concerning efficiency

Limitations with Versatility

Digital apps are not only quick, risk-free and minimize the risk of errors and mismatches, but they are also infinitely more versatile than paper. There are several features such as the conversion from PDF to the mobile app, the ability to capture pictures, GS locations, maps, signatures and so on. In terms of paper, adding these details with such ease is more or less impossible, and even if you are able to collect all these additional details in the hard paper such as printed maps, and pictures, etc., it will cost much more to convert your forms digitally. Mobile apps make all this a cakewalk

The Lag Behind In the Business Race

Finally, all the businesses in the world moving ahead with time, sticking to old, and archaic methods of work, will only limit your operations and capabilities. The most underrated benefit is the cost efficiency itself. Investing in digital media may initially cost a little bit of money, but in the long run, it’ll prove to be far more rewarding than sticking to outdated systems.

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