Importance of Space Management Software in Context of COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic has brought forth a set of challenges that threatened the very existence of our society. Businesses were majorly impacted and nobody was left unaffected. The same holds true for facility management businesses which on every scale got impacted directly by shutting down of the economic activities. On the other hand, for companies in the sector of facility management (FM), there was a high point of crisis when their very existence was in doubt as the pandemic took a strong hold, shutting down the economic engine of the globe.

It is in this context that FM companies had to rejig their business processes and tweak their digital transformation strategies and find a way to resume their operations. Space management software presented a golden opportunity to the FM businesses to come out of the rut and ensure business continuity.

What is Space Management Software?

Space management software is all about space planning and management to provide high quality services to their valued customers. It has several use cases, which makes the space management software one of the most sought after software modules in the FM domain. Space management helps facility managers to plan space allocation in buildings in a holistic manner, with greater visibility so that all the services that are being resumed in a phased manner.

Besides the space planning module, other uses cases of space management software include floor plan display and annotations for better visibility, desk booking system, seat allocation, space utilization software, visitor management system, floor space optimization, and many more.

How it Affected the Facility Managers Positively During and Post Pandemic

As the lockdowns began to be relaxed, the facility management professionals began a phased return to their work locations, both on-site and office based workers. Parallelly, the occupants of buildings such as institutional buildings and corporate offices also began to be reoccupied in a phased manner. This type of situation, though welcoming, presented a unique set of challenges to the facility management companies. They had to foresee the space requirement in facilities (entire floors, sections of buildings) and this had to be redone in an optimal manner so that facility managers got better visibility in a highly volatile environment.

Features of Space Management Software

Space management software not only facilitates the workers and other building occupants in the stay at such spaces, but also presents a host of other benefits that make facility management companies vie for such kind of software. First and foremost benefit that companies have from deploying a decent space management software is the cost savings. Facility managers and even their clients are happy that deployment of a space management software results in significant cost savings, leaving a positive impact on the bottom line of the companies. Also, employee morale and engagement remains high using a high impact space management software.

When employees begin to realize that their employers care for them, catering to a comfortable working environment, the productivity levels and loyalty of employees shoots up. Besides, the space management software also helps companies to fulfill any kind of government rules and regulations that may be impacting their external business environment. By helping in risk management of their business, space management software helps companies to stay compliant about the latest environment and health regulations.

Space Management Cementing its Own Space in the Facility Management Domain

Space management software, due to its multi-pronged benefits, is making a huge headway in the facility management domain. And facility managers are thronging to implement such a powerful software in their building sites to get the right kind of returns from their digital transformation initiatives. The space management software has not only helped the FM companies to steer themselves out of the rut due to the pandemic and the resultant lockdown, but things are starting to look bright as every cloud has a silver lining. The pandemic has helped FM companies realize the vulnerabilities of their business processes, and post the pandemic, in the new normal, they are willing to experiment and adapt to enhanced agile processes, to make themselves withstand any further fluctuations in a volatile environment. Space management software is such a panaica to the companies in the FM domain.

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