How Oil and Gas Companies Are Using Mobile Forms to Improve EHS

Managing the health and safety of workers in oil and gas refineries has become more important as energy demand and productivity rise.

Due to expanding demands, technical advancement, harsh working conditions, and ever-increasing operational complexity, oil and refinery industries face significant difficulties that sometimes turn into tragic accidents and disasters.

One of the most realistic examples of disasters in the energy sector was the deepwater horizon oil spill, also referred to as the BP oil spill/leak. It occurred on 20 April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico and caused 11 deaths of on-field employees. The company reported an estimated loss of $60B. 

This is an extreme example, to begin with, but it demonstrates the potentially disastrous results of failed health and safety compliance in the energy sector.

The energy sector is constantly booming, and many new employees are recruited day in and out who are least aware of the hazards on board. Inspection becomes a must-do thing by the designated inspector to keep such workers safe.

Manual inspection is a lengthy and sloppy process, so with it(the inspection), the business owners would also like to increase their workers’ efficiency by streamlining their data collection process and reducing the time lost during migration and manual data entry paper forms.

The well tender inspectors and maintenance officers still inspect oil wells using clipboards, which is a thing of the past and entering the data manually causes some major budget concerns.

The Solution

Every generation needs a new revolution, as rightly said by Thomas Jefferson. The mobile data collection forms are precisely the innovation we all need as most of the safety and quality control inspectors still collect data using pen-paper, which is much inclined to errors, and who knows these minor problems may be the root cause of another oil spill in the future.

The security of internal data is also a concern for companies. Ensuring information safety is a high-level priority as the data collected here is of great value.

The mobile device also allows the collection and retention of rich data, With options that will enable the worker to highlight the problem through advanced features.

Mobile forms allow data collection with incredible accuracy and also speed up inspections. Field technicians can now enter data faster, access the inspection forms even with no network connectivity, and automatically connect it to their existing backends all because of mobile forms.


Oil & gas and utility companies have a crucial task when it comes to compliance, and that’s not only to keep their employees safe and sound but to mitigate the risks to customers and the environment caused by safety and compliance errors that could lead to disaster.

Plus, maintaining safety precautions ensures the companies never have to pay heavy penalties and reduce service costs. 

The biggest risk one is taking right now in the business world is not switching to mobile apps. Using mobile apps will save you all sorts of legal troubles while increasing your company’s productivity with accurate data in the required time. Try Axonator today and see the difference for yourself. To start Signup Here

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