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How Mobile CAFM Software Amplifies Your Growth

Why Mobile CAFM?


Mobile computer assisted facility management (CAFM) software plays an integral role in the evolution of the next generation digital transformation solutions that are being implemented currently. Here the term ‘mobile’ assumes greater significance since enterprise mobility plays a key role in the routine functioning of the CAFM software and a majority of the functions that can be envisaged for this domain are mostly field based, with activities like maintenance of facilities, upkeep and inspections of critical and routine building systems and subsystems (read cctvs surveillance implemented at sensitive locations, emergency situations and alarm raising apps for gated communities, majorly in demand now due to the pandemic) done through mobile-first applications, using low code or zero code platforms.


However, various platforms and companies engaged in supplying software and apps for these FM systems are also in the manufacturing of requisite software, both critical and complex in nature.

What is in the Semantics of CAFM


Computer assisted CAFM is a term significant in the semantics it employs. CAFM itself implies that computers (using software, programming code, applications) are used in managing the operations of facility management (FM) operations off the field and sitting in site offices/cluster headquarters that are deployed in buildings used for residences, commercial establishments and offices, public buildings of high importance like railroad stations, airports, shipyards, etc. and institutional buildings like government buildings, telecommunication headquarters and more. A CAFM is used by FM companies to streamline their operations by using software of varying degree of complexity to coordinate with FM managers to direct the routine and special operations for the facilities mentioned above, and make the services available without any interruptions, directly affecting the operations and habitat of such buildings. This assumes greater significance due to the recent onset and subsequent of the world wide pandemic and ensuing lockdown.

Why is Mobile CAFM Important Then?


So, a mobile CAFM assumes greater significance for the purpose of getting the required outcomes as laid down in the digital transformation (DT) initiatives undertaken by FM companies and fighting for business continuity in the wake of a pandemic; or in simple terms to stay relevant and competitive in the wake of intense competition in the FM market and to implement features that enable the operations of complex software applications related to critical building services like deploying curative and preventative actions (CAPAs) so as to make sure that systems and processes related to say for example electricity supply, broadband connectivity, working of several sensors deployed both indoors and outdoors, and various others can work seamlessly, if they they have to be operated using a smartphone.

Applications of Mobile CAFM


The applications of a mobile CAFM are wide and far-reaching considering both the macro and micro aspects of deploying such a kind of sophisticated software at building premises where FM companies are operating. These include CAFM software having modules such as space management that help realize varying degrees of occupancy levels of buildings considering especially the external factors that impact their FM operations. A mobile CAFM software, among others, also can be used for preventive and predictive maintenance, where the requisite software and applications can be implemented to management of critical equipment such as air conditioning or heating systems, along with the systematic and planned maintenance of core building services in addition to the associated maintenance of related systems and subsystems.

Human Resources Are Paramount


In any business system or process, human inputs are paramount for not only strategic and on the spur decision making, they are also useful at the base level of DT initiatives implementation. Decision makers can identify the requisite systems and processes that makes the work of their FM staff easier, better, and more efficient. In addition, decision makers themselves use the mobile delivery of CAFM functions possible in various types of difficult or constrained environments, so as to ensure the success of such DT initiatives. This is also important for functions such as asset management and control, where a track of assets is maintained in a centralized repository which is accessed by key people to ensure regular upkeep and accountability in their operations. For example, a proper maintenance of water pumps and the associated materials and tools availability is ensured by a mobile CAFM software. Such types of systems and processes are managed properly and tweaked or changed as per the prevailing requirements which are responsive to the internal and external factors influencing them.

When Can A Mobile CAFM be Deployed?

In addition to some selected applications mentioned above, there are certain specific conditions prevailing that make the implementation of a mobile CAFM necessary. These include tracking and monitoring of the field staff of the FM companies that need to be guided, especially when working in a constrained environment, for example, where internet connectivity is absent or where there are significant other activities going on, for example, project management on a construction site to ensure quality or on a manufacturing factory floor. Selected modules of facility management software/apps can be deployed in such kinds of environments to ensure that all systems and processes are functioning as planned, the field staff is guided and suitably supervised, and given all the necessary tools and help in getting their work done faster and better.



A mobile CAFM software can be used to gain a proper grip on DT initiatives implemented by FM companies and serves as a valuable guideline in the daily and special operations of such companies. At the end, the aim of any software or application is majorly to achieve the desired set of objectives for which the software is being designed, and this is why such kinds of mobile CAFM realize their true potential and significance.

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Learn Axonator Mobile form builder

Learn How Axonator Can Help You to Create an App

Our team will demonstrate how to create an app and use advanced features of Axonator.

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