4 Ways for FMS Organizations to Bring in More Business

I’m sure you will agree when I say facility management comes at a great price.

You will also agree with me saying that FM services require continuous innovation and marketing.

Hence, let me share a question that has always troubled me.

If my facility management functions are always going to costly then how can I bring in revenue and more business through them?

Apparently, I have found just the right answer?
I’ll be sharing the same in the same article. ​
However, before I’ll give you the answer let’s talk about the two ways how FMS marketing works; operational marketing and service marketing.
Operational marketing deals with conducting FM functions for the least cost in the fastest time along with maintaining the highest quality of work.
While, on the other hand, service marketing, is based on relationships and values, that may be used to market a product or service.
Now that you understand how FM marketing works, I’ll be sharing answers by expanding these two entities.
Let’s dive into the first one.

1. Service Marketing - Build Reputation Through Utmost Customer Satisfaction

Customer-focused facilities management processes drive brand value. A good relationship with customers based on values like trust, commitment, and accountability allows an organization to add value to its customers.
A good customer relationship with customers enables organizations to add value to the facility management service it provides.
However, as globalization, customer power, and market maturity have created intense competition in the market, a new way of adding value is needed.

This is specifically evident in the field service management industry. But by building a relationship with a firm it is possible to differentiate yourself from other competitors.

Service marketing has a much broader approach, with employees in the numerous departments in your company develops relationships with their opposite numbers in the customer firm.
Customer Satisfaction

The ultimate goal of relationship marketing is to form a seamline with customers and suppliers. This strategy is often found in companies that have integrated outsourced FM services

The ultimate goal of relationship marketing is to become a seamline with customers and suppliers. This strategy is often found in companies that have integrated outsourced FM services
The non-financial benefits of service marketing include:
  • Reference – The facility management industry often depends on others to give references. Large and significant customers make more desirable referees.
  • Referral — You can earn customers through case studies and journal articles. For example, if you work for a high-profile customer, their status will have a positive impact on your potential customers.
  • Learning and innovation — customers who are always innovating in their space will help you create ideas, which you can then use when working for others.

2. Operational Marketing - Achieve Digital and Sustainable Practices in Businesses

As discussed earlier, operational marketing involves getting the most done for the least cost in the fastest time frame at the level of quality.
Customers always expect digital and sustainable practices to achieve operational excellence and transparency. They want to know that they are giving their money to firms using transparent as well as sustainable practices in their operations.
Digital Solution

In response, customers are turning to cloud-based mobile-centric facility management software to make sustainability measures easier to manage and track, and cost-effective to implement.

So now that you know why operational marketing could be game-changer for your organization to stand out, lets discuss how you can achieve it in three easy steps.

2.1 Provide Top-Notch Service Quality Through Digital Platform

In today’s interconnected and digital world, digital technologies have blurred the lines between the physical office (customers’ office) and the field where work actually happens.
Most organizations today prefer digital transformation platforms or solutions to replace slow, error-prone processes and opt for scalable automated digital workforces and data-driven approaches.
field data collection mobile forms
In fact, reliable reports cite that companies concentrating on digital transformation are 5X likely to achieve breakthrough performance.
Such statics suggest that facility management service organizations must adopt the digital platform and differentiate themselves to explore new market opportunities.
Hence, stop thinking and implement a digital platform to manage customers’ operations and stand tall among the competition and get more business.

2.2 Offer Enterprise Mobility and Streamlined Communication Through Mobile App

Organizations that are looking to outsource their facility management service vie for solutions that help them to achieve enterprise mobility and streamlined communication. Such solutions help them keep their workforce connected, productive, and engaged.
Hence, adopting the mobile-centric approach comes as a natural choice for facility management service organizations.
Highly Flexible Mobile App Modules

With such solutions, you can send digital reports such as maintenance reports, service reports, incidents reports, etc. in just minutes. Moreover, you can also provide complete status about what is happening on the site through dashboards.

Providing such connected facilities management experience will definitely give you a strategic advantage over the competitors, which in turn help you to bring in more business.

2.3 Satisfy Customers By Bringing Transparency In the Operations

Organizations across the globe often prefer to partner with FMS companies that bring transparency in facility management operations.

This helps them to gain real-time visibility in FM operations such as inspection, maintenance, and all other things, keeping everyone in the organization well-informed about the ongoing activities.

This establishes mutual trust between connected parties. Hence, it comes as no surprise that two companies will partner with each other on the basis of transperecny.


With all the information about FMS marketing at your fingertips, you can start to taking advantage to gain bring more customers.
Now, if you are interested in scaling the game of operational marketing, we are here to help.
Our professionals will help you to initiate a digital transformation journey and equip your team with mobile apps, digital platforms to enterprise mobility in record time!
Previously, we partnered with leading organizations like BVG, CLR, etc. in their digital transformation journey.

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