How Can Mobile Forms Improve Construction Safety

How Axonator's mobile forms improve construction safety
Construction industry plays an unimaginably important role and is considered as the building block of any country’s economy.
The United States alone has about 10.3 million labourers working in this sector currently according to a survey by Statista, so imagine the number of construction workers all over the world.
At Least 1 out of 5 workers face either permanent injury or perhaps even death due to accidents caused by poor or no inspection done by inspection officers.
But what can the limited number of officers even do? According to a survey for every 1000 worksites to be covered per month, there are only 140 inspection officers, that’s equivalent to almost 72 worksites per inspection officer which is a little too much to ask for.
Any accident on the construction company’s site is always accompanied by financial loss, it can never be equivalent or related to the loss of a workers life but, it is significant. Accidents are costing companies more than they are earning at times.
The minimum cost of a recordable incident is at least $ 7,000 and for fatality, it is approximately $ 9,00,000.
The accidents and fatality percentage are also on the rise with approximately 5% raise every year.
This rate is not only alarming, but it also questions the authenticity of the data and the method opted by the field inspectors for data collection. All other major industries like transport and warehousing, agriculture, mining have high fatality rates but they are decreasing substantially.

This is mainly because they have adapted to more efficient means of inspection which is Mobile Forms.

So how a minor switch to mobile forms can improve construction safety? Construction projects nowadays are bigger bolder and are more complex than ever which leads to increased risk of safety hazards. Papers and spreadsheets are the main types of forms used in these industries for data collection which is a lackadaisical process.
So the problem which should have been checked and corrected a lot earlier was just delayed because the message was not conveyed in the proper way or perhaps was delayed.
These methods are nothing but trouble and make the construction sites a little less tech-driven and the lack of technology leaves very less room for strategic improvements.
Paper forms slow down the process considerably, and this trend is seen not only in the Construction industry to be specific but any industry which survives solely on basis of data collected.
Mobile forms are the best means of data collection of this generation and are meant to stay as such for a long time.
At least 100 pages are required to fill in data which can be stored in just about 5MB or less with the help of a mobile device.
Today large construction projects generate tonnes of data, 6.5 terabytes of data are stored every year. Now imagine the amount of paperwork required to store so much data, it’s quite unrealistic.

Mobile technology combined with the data analytics together proves to be great game changers. Mobile forms provide features to make checklists which enable the inspection doers to analyze the equipment and types of machinery for their proper functioning, this enables them to avoid any future disasters leading to on-field workers fatality and also a huge lawsuit to the company owners.

Mobile forms reduce errors and rework as more than 65% of the construction professionals say the main reason they go over budget is due to errors and reworks.

Reduce liability and litigation by using predictive analysis brought forth by the data collected using forms on smart devices. Mobile data collection app forms made it possible to improve productivity and reduce delays while monitoring the collected data that too from a distance.

This is how mobile data collecting forms not only help in increasing the safety but also helps in boosting productivity, A two in one offer which we cannot refuse.
Still got questions?

Try Axonator today for free, World’s most powerful and easy mobile form app builder which will help you build your own mobile app form within minutes.

Invest a small amount today to ensure a safe tomorrow for your business and workers alike.

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