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How CAFM Software is a Boon For Facility Managers? Top Reasons to Consider for 2022

Facility managers regularly deal with a constant set of challenges and concerns stemming from the maintenance of buildings along with their corresponding systems and components and also cope with coordination and interpersonal issues that arise while managing a fairly large and diverse team. Hence, it is important that facility managers have access to superior data on all the processes and teams that gives them the ability to make informed decisions on time and effectively solve these challenges.

In this context, utilizing a CAFM software is expected to help managers to successfully execute their work. However, not all CAFM software are able to help in dealing with these complex sets of challenges. In this write up, we explore how CAFM software proves to be a boon for facility managers and helps them to effectively manage diverse systems and processes associated with facility management. 

What is CAFM Software System?

CAFM or computer-aided facility management refers to all software, from maintenance to asset management that helps facilities managers organize and fulfill their everyday responsibilities. CAFM helps facility managers operate more effectively and frees them from being juggling daily instead of fulfilling a more strategic function. CAFM may play a major role in a company’s bottom line alongside other more advanced technologies while fuelling top-line growth.


In nearly every institution, including buildings for offices, hospitals, industrial facilities, colleges, and much more, CAFM is relevant. It helps in streamlining and optimizing the operations of Asset management, Property management, Analytics and reporting, People management, Maintenance, among others.

CAFM supports financial and physical resources development and management and produces and delivers solutions and outcomes. All these combined assets can assist identify procedures and knowledge processes that require further evaluation and physical assets which may require more preventive maintenance planning.

CAFM solutions have made sure that inefficient tracking and bulky analog systems remain a thing of the past. The planning system, hotel bookings, and even personnel locations in a CAFM program are now as simple as just a few clicks. Clean, user-friendly interfaces provide clear visible information on all of the components with which you may interact, including people running the office, to manage and organize the physical qualities in an office. It’s a lot easier to eliminate your paper forms with smart digital checklist

Benefits of CAFM Software that Proves to be a Boon for Facility Managers

Cost Control and Optimal Use of Resources

Controlling costs and optimal use of resources is the top function of any CAFM software. However, there is a thin line between execution cost control measures and maintaining high-quality service delivery. Both of these aspects are critical in the success of any organization, and in the present environment of cutthroat competition, facility managers need to devise new ways to save money and other precious resources while not compromising on quality service and productivity.

Keeping these requirements in mind, any CAFM software helps in streamlining the building and equipment maintenance procedures, inspections, and monitoring and tracking of all the processes and workforce on-site to achieve optimal performance. To aid this, the CAFM software provides managers with critical data on processes and systems along with updates on service delivery and performance of employees. In addition, helping in collaboration and clear communication between different teams on-site and between the site and headquarters is also of great importance.

Achieving all these goals is a great challenge for any CAFM software and it should be designed in a manner that specifically addresses these needs of implementing automation, open communication, and effective monitoring and tracking to achieve cost control and optimal use of resources.

Effective Asset Management

Implementing superior asset management procedures to ensure that all equipment related to building services like HVAC, fire inspection & fighting, electric inspection & supply, and others function smoothly with minimum downtime is of prime importance. CAFM software helps in the maintenance of such critical equipment, automates maintenance and inspection work orders, and maintains an optimal inventory level of required spare parts and materials for carrying out such activities. 


A CAFM software supplies accurate information regarding the number and type of assets deployed on-site, their location and use, and their status of upkeep. This valuable information is used by facility managers in optimal use of assets and determines the costs incurred on them in terms of fuel or electricity consumption and maintenance costs.

By knowing this, facility managers can decide whether any equipment is giving the required output as compared with the costs that have been incurred on its use and upkeep. All these processes lead to optimal functioning and cost control.

Increasing Workforce Engagement and Collaboration

A skilled and dedicated workforce is the backbone of any organization. For facility managers, handling a diverse workforce on-site, monitoring their performance, and developing systems that increase their engagement, productivity and collaboration is of utmost importance. A daunting challenge for any CAFM software is to provide its users with the appropriate tools and real-time knowledge so that they can successfully execute any task allocated to them. 


This can be accomplished by deploying software that is easy to use, provides the necessary support for executing the critical tasks in a timely manner, and gives the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with other team members and higher management for getting proper guidance and briefings.

An ability to operate seamlessly in a mobile environment, with difficult conditions where internet connectivity may not be available, and dealing with other physical and environmental constraints is necessary for all facility management personnel. A CAFM software that delivers all these functionalities is what makes it relevant in the market.

Optimal Time Management

Facility managers have to deal with multiple issues simultaneously and this may consume a great deal of their time, leaving little room for prioritization and strategy formulation. Managing budgets, dealing with vendors, monitoring workforce, tracking the execution of various service requests, documentation, and reporting to clients and management needs to be done daily, with consistent quality and timely execution. No doubt, the hands of facility managers are always full and optimal time management is of utmost importance to them.

A CAFM software helps managers to optimally utilize their time and in planning and prioritizing tasks. Helping facility managers in juggling the coordination of various teams and their workload, maintaining great customer service, and monitoring compliances and performance levels by automating the processes associated with all these requirements is a key challenge being met by CAFM software.

In addition, maintaining accurate records of all the building equipment and systems is also essential. Accurate information about equipment maintenance and scheduling helps in avoiding breakdowns and time-consuming problems. CAFM software helps in these critical activities by automating the reporting and documentation tasks for attaining increased productivity and efficiency. 

Timely Reporting and Maintaining Accurate Records

A number of maintenance activities, equipment, and building inspections and execution of various service requests are daily carried out and it is imperative that timely and accurate reporting of all such activities is done for better productivity and efficiency. It is the responsibility of the facility manager to ensure that timely reporting is carried for better visibility and communication with head office.

A number of maintenance activities, equipment, and building inspections and execution of various service requests are daily carried out and it is imperative that timely and accurate reporting of all such activities is done for better productivity and efficiency. It is the responsibility of the facility manager to ensure that timely reporting is carried for better visibility and communication with head office.

How to Implement CAFM in Your Business?

A CAFM program will help you get organized and stay that way through all the growth and change that’s in your company’s future. CAFM software will make everything from moving to day-to-day space management easier, more efficient, and all-around better for everyone in your office.

For its implementation, you will focus on the value, analytics, and strategic objectives of the firm so that actual value within the company is established. In the absence of explicit goals, the strategy and unconnected decision-making might be misaligned. The finest project decisions are to guarantee that each goal is clearly identified and strategies enhance the enterprise, in conjunction with KPIs and other objectives.

A CAFM might be daunting for individuals new to digital transformation in their facility management or property management approach. If you introduce CAFM to the people who use them gradually, you will give them additional opportunities to learn new processes. Thus, a clear understanding of the functionality and capabilities of a solution from CAFM can be made before the program is fully initialized, which can help alleviate problems. To help staff learn and grasp new procedures and answer any questions they may have, a dedicated customer success manager should be accessible.

How Axonator Helps Businesses With its CAFM Software?

Axonator has developed its own CAFM software to make things easier. It is a robust, easy-to-use software package for integrated management of space and installation. Axonator offers the administration of facilities for you, whether you’re a facility department, building owner, operator, or office building tenant. Optimize your space, infrastructure, maintenance, services, and finances to meet your key business requirements. A comprehensive range of FM modules is included in a single, safe, rapid, and intuitive package in our integrated, powerful mobile application.

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