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How CAFM Systems Help in Achieving Integrated Facilities Management

What is Integrated Facilities Management


Integrated facilities management is a term that can be applied to a group of facilities consisting of a cluster of buildings in gated communities, a group of buildings hosting corporate offices, a cluster of industries or a cluster of buildings holding important infrastructure facilities like airports, railroad stations, government buildings, and others. Integrated facilities management includes these groups of facilities and the systems and set of processes that are used to streamline the facility management operations of such clusters of buildings.

Are Facilities Management and Facility Management Different?


There is no clear distinction between facility management and facilities management. While facility management is a popular term where the term ‘facility’ denotes a building, basically a structure holding various systems and subsystems which are habitable by humans so as to create ambient conditions for life and other associated critical activities performed by people in that structure in an easy and efficient manner.

Why is Integrated Facilities Management Important


Integrated facilities management is important since most of the activities performed under the ambit of facilities management are sequentially linked with each other. For example, before any preventive maintenance of an equipment needs to be carried out, first such kind of equipment needs to be inspected for denoting its working condition. Subsequently, the report denoting the type and kind of inspection being carried out is sent to relevant stakeholders and once the need for maintenance has been identified, the actual maintenance of that equipment is carried out, that can be predictive or preventive in nature.


Then after the inspection and maintenance of the equipment is carried out, it may be required for the ‘said equipment’ can be an energy meter which displays the amount of energy that has been consumed, say for example, quantum of diesel consumed during a power cut or for some planned drill for evacuation under emergency conditions. This display of diesel consumption follows the activities of inspection and maintenance, and now the activity of registering the diesel consumption starts.


Such readings can be captured using the sensors or the required software that helps decision makers, including facility managers to make decisions regarding the energy consumption pattern of such buildings. The decision makers can identify the patterns emerging from such data that is generated and collated using various applications and then finally they can make strategic moves which can put them several notches up in relation to their competitors.



In the scenario mentioned above, an integrated facilities management approach helps facility managers and other associated stakeholders to seamlessly access and leverage all the services and activities mentioned above when all the activities are integrated under one facility management software. This not only makes the operations smoother and streamlined but also makes sure that decision makers get the right information to implement various degrees of digital transformation initiatives for better growth of companies and simultaneously fulfil the objectives of any organization.

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Learn Axonator Mobile form builder

Learn How Axonator Can Help You to Create an App

Our team will demonstrate how to create an app and use advanced features of Axonator.

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