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How a Space Management Software Solves the Dogged Problems of Facility Managers

Pain Point 1: Ensuring Safe and Secure Building Sites

The applicability of space management software is in various types of facilities (buildings), consisting of residential buildings, factories, and institutional buildings like public transportation facilities among others. It is a big energy guzzler for facility managers to ensure that such kinds of facilities are free from any type of untoward incidents like accidents being met by the staff deployed and the people occupying such spaces. Thus, maintenance of facilities in which all the government mandates for safe operations and the internal set safety protocols are put in place and maintained religiously is a primary priority of facility managers. To ensure this responsibility is taken care of and there is no safety or health hazard in the facilities they are managing is ensured by a space management software, which streamlines the implementing safety equipment like fire extinguishers, sprinklers, elevator safety systems, emergency evacuation procedures and the like. By maintaining an incident free building site, facility managers are eliminating risks to the company and are seen in a positive stead by the regulators.

Pain Point 2: Meeting the Regulatory Compliances for a Risk Free Environment

Meeting regulatory compliances as discussed in the first point is paramount for facility managers. However, there are various other dimensions to regulatory compliances than just environment health and safety. The design of the internal working spaces itself consumes a lot of attention of facility managers so as to ensure that all the building facilities are rightly deployed. Also, the pandemic and the ensuing new normal has complicated things further in the realm of regulatory compliances. To implement the social distancing norms, arrange the seating arrangements in a way that complies with the pandemic guidelines and other strict provisions are readily put in place with the help of a space management software.

Pain Point 3: Maintaining Assets in Prime Condition

Maintaining assets in prime conditions is one of the frontline activities that facility managers undertake. This function is critical for all and sundry, since maintaining building assets is a critical activity on which all the building occupants are dependent. The building itself is an asset and needs regular/periodic maintenance and this is one of the most important preventive and curative maintenance activities that a facility manager needs to plan for. In addition, there are various types of building equipment assets associated with important building systems and subsystems. Such types of assets need to be maintained in their prime condition and this is ensured by implementing a decent space management system.

Pain Point 4: Ensuring Cost Saving and Productivity Increase

In the current times of economic distress, cost cutting in all business processes becomes a key KPI of all and sundry. This is also true for facility managers, who are in search of constant initiatives to cut costs in all the facility management. In this context, facility managers look out for constant improvement at the cost level by using digital transformation initiatives that help in increasing the productivity levels of the field staff. If the implementation of space management software is successful, maximum output can be achieved with the input of a minimum quantum of resources, leading to significant savings and KPIs for facility managers getting fulfilled.

Pain Point 5: Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Buildings

Achieving a clear lead in environmental sustainability and making and maintaining green buildings has assumed greater importance. Facility managers across the world are increasingly having to concentrate on the green building aspects, cutting down the carbon emissions of buildings but green building practices. These practices are chiefly concerned with cutting the consumption of fossil fuels, water consumption, electricity consumption and others which give a positive spin to the related building complexes. Such kinds of systems and processes can be delivered using the space management software, and therefore is the best option to reduce the carbon footprint.

Pain Point 6: Shorter Inactivity Periods of Facilities

Majorly applicable for buildings hosting corporate offices, there is an increasing problem that facility managers have to face in the form of decreasing inactivity hours. As the work hours start getting extended, and even some of the corporate offices work 3 shifts a day, there is a very little window for cleaning of such offices, and facility managers have to encounter a tight schedule to accommodate the cleaning and maintenance of such corporate facilities. In this context, the space management software has eased the operations of such facilities by ensuring timely and proper cleaning and maintenance within tight deadlines.

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