How a Flexible Space Management System Has Become The USP of FM Companies

Space management for Optimal Space Allocation

Space management is an essential component of the facility management sector, where the allocation of spaces to the end-users has implications on profitability and great service delivery presented by the facility management companies. At the other end of the spectrum, space management also has applications in real estate, helping real estate managers to visualize space allocation in a way that makes maintenance of buildings being carried out in an efficient manner and also ensures that buildings (facilities) are maintained in their prime condition so as to get better returns.

The COVID-19 Pandemic Presented a Unique Set of Challenges

But there is more to space management than optimal space allocations to the inhabitants of facilities. A pertinent example of this is the way facility management companies adapted their systems and processes in the wake of the pandemic that affected the entire world and businesses had to adapt and change their processes for the sake of business continuity and staying relevant in a highly volatile and competitive environment, where adopting digital transformation tools in the form of zero code micro apps that are being deployed in the form of space management app software.

Taking into account the various types of powerful functionalities that such space management apps have on the systems and processes of companies implementing their streamlined operations in a cluster of buildings is noteworthy. Not only did the facility managers got a dependent aid for conducting various surveys in documenting the allocated space where different end users can occupy the spaces in such buildings for carrying out different activities, but also implementing the social distancing norms for the seating arrangement and desk arrangement in the pre-selected spaces meant for the workforce.

Zero-Code Micro Apps for Easy Viewing of Floor Plans and Space Planning

Not only desk allocation and management, the zero-code user centric micro apps in the form of space management software are also used for displaying the floor plans and the on-the-go display of such plans, taking a cue from the specialized software meant for such purpose. But the space management software app goes a step further and along with just easy views of complicated and detailed floor plans, the micro apps also have other powerful functionalities like annotating the floor plan for an on-the-go strategy making in terms of decided which spaces need to be occupied and which spaces need to be abandoned for the time being considering the gradual reopening of the world economy post the lockdown phase.

Desk Finder Feature for High Customer Satisfaction

Not only such high level functionalities, but also micro functionalities like way finder in space management apps play a huge role in making such apps popular by ensuring a high customer satisfaction level. Needless to say, an app that lets end users to find their way in the maze of offices and desks spread across multiple floors is highly recommended by such users and the ensuing high ratings give a kind of leverage to the facility management over their competitors.

In addition, for buildings serving as co-working spaces, desk booking apps serve a lot of people through letting them select their preferred desk or place in a co-working space and easily see which desk is available where and find the people surrounding the selected desks, for an ambient working environment. This keeps the end users happy and facility managers are able to provide first class service to them, resulting in a win-win situation for both.

Powerful Analytics and Reporting Capabilities

Space management is but one component of an integrated approach towards facility management operations where different FM modules combine to give a seamless experience and an integrated streamlined process of data collection and analysis so that decision-makers can make informed decisions regarding the future course of operations. In this context, facility managers are happy that they get a steady supply of in-situ data that helps them to implement continuous improvement and learning processes and they are able to refine their approach for better service deliveries.

In addition, these kinds of FM modules such as the space management software help companies in implementing a highly productive and efficient approach to meet the requirements of quality assurance in service delivery, for which the quality bar is hiked up more and more and expectations are very high.

Adapting to Changing Business Environment

Being efficient in resource management and utilization of limited resources in an enterprising way are essential attributes in any system. The ongoing pandemic has reinforced such requirements even in the domain of facilities management, especially in the realm of space management software. So functionalities like contact tracing, visitor management system, desk allocation software, service distribution software, and others have become important components of any space management software. By providing such handy functionalities in any space management software, FM companies are adding an unbeatable USP to their armoury, making themselves ahead of their competition and driving the customer satisfaction quotient higher and higher.

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Learn Axonator Mobile form builder

Learn How Axonator Can Help You to Create an App

Our team will demonstrate how to create an app and use advanced features of Axonator.

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