Help Desk Management: 5 Key Principles to Follow

Sophia ClarkeOctober 12, 2020


Helpdesk management is a critical function for which companies need to devote the necessary time and resources to ensure efficient and effective service delivery for their employees. A good helpdesk department is able to maintain a stellar service delivery record and is responsible for maintaining a user-centric focus in all their activities to promote efficiency and great reviews. No doubt, proper execution, and management of helpdesk are essential for companies to maintain their successful run by taking proactive steps for employee welfare and well-being

1. Simple and Intuitive Processes

A most common mistake that companies make in attempting to overhaul their helpdesk is to create a complex web of processes and features that are difficult to handle. This complexity leads to poor usability, both for the employees managing the helpdesk and also for the users who expect the helpdesk personnel to solve their issues. Not only do complex and difficult to master systems need considerable resources for training the staff who need to operate the system, but it also wastes a lot of time and efforts and the outcome still may not be able to fulfill the expectations.

The first and foremost best practice to keep in mind while designing and implementing a helpdesk management system is to keep it simple. Simpler the process, the more effective, and useful it becomes. The more intuitive the software interface is, the better engagement rates and wide-scale adoption of the software are ensured, leading to successful outcomes. It makes sense to deploy a simple and intuitive system that can be easily understood, considerably cutting down training time and investment requirements.

A simple helpdesk software app makes it easier for the users to raise service requests and it also makes life easier for the helpdesk personnel to easily manage the raised service requests and their speedy fulfillment, bringing large scale benefits.

2. Robust Documentation

Companies need to pay attention to properly detail and document the Service Level Agreement (SLA) signed between the company and the service provider for a clearcut approach and realistic expectations for prompt and good service from the vendors. So, before any helpdesk management software is deployed, companies need to properly define the SLA which will be a benchmark for evaluating the services of the vendor and based on which the escalation matrix and all other critical parameters are based.

Another aspect that companies need to take care of is to maintain a proper record of all the services and data generated from the helpdesk in the form of traffic statistics, nature and kind of service requests demanded the most, the execution method of solving the raised tickets and other important processes involved in helpdesk management. If proper documentation of all these aspects is carried out, it will definitely help the helpdesk personnel in providing better and faster services and also for implementing continuous improvements and refinements in the processes.

3. Accurate Measurement of Performance Metrics

To implement an effective and efficient helpdesk management app, key performance metrics need to be accurately measured to help in a better understanding of the processes involved so that they can be refined and improved for better service delivery. Not only this, but there is an important aspect of transparency and accountability in the functioning of the helpdesk that also is taken care of by accurately measuring the performance of the people and processes involved

In addition, by getting enhanced visibility in the processes related to helpdesk management by accurate measurement of key metrics, companies can make informed decisions that benefit the service delivery further. For example, if the metrics indicate a longer time spent by the helpdesk service personnel in closing tickets, it may be the case that the traffic and workload on the helpdesk are heavy while the number of personnel is less. This is a clear indication for increasing the count of service delivery personnel to ease the load and improve service delivery

Such kinds of decisions can be easily made if the helpdesk management software is able to provide the necessary data to accurately measure the performance of key indicators. Companies need to keep an eye for this in order for their helpdesk to perform smoothly and without any hiccups.

4. Incorporating User Feedback

Companies implementing a helpdesk management system need to pay attention to incorporate the user feedback in their system for better performance and satisfaction levels. Such a kind of approach results in a system that contributes to adding value to the company processes and work culture. So, instead of just blindly following the procedure and aiming to close the raised tickets in the minimum time possible, helpdesk personnel may not be able to focus on receiving and incorporating user feedback in their processes and service delivery. So, to ensure that the helpdesk is able to add value and contribute to bettering the company culture and system, incorporating user feedback is an essential attribute.

5. Careful Selection of Service Provider

Companies need to be careful about the selection of the service provider since the entire helpdesk management system, the implemented app, and the entire user experience is totally dependent on the competence of the service provider chosen. Care needs to be taken to ensure that both the helpdesk software and the service provider are aligned to the company goals and objectives.

If the service provider is chosen carefully, the intended functions of the helpdesk and the implementation of the designed system are successful. So, companies should take the necessary steps to evaluate the technical, financial, and previous implementation records of the service provider to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the helpdesk.


These helpdesk management best practices help companies to properly define their goals and design suitable processes for their helpdesk. To aid this, the Axonator helpdesk management software is a great tool that companies can use to fulfill the expectations of efficient service delivery and smooth operations of their helpdesk. Get in touch with us if you would like to explore the best helpdesk management software and witness for yourself the power of the Axonator advantage in bringing digital transformation to your doorstep.

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