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Google Forms don’t need an introduction. There are good chances that you have already created a couple of Google Forms in the past for your project, or at least filled a form sent by someone you know.

That’s the popularity of Google Forms that I am talking about. Admit it, gathering data is effortless with Google Forms. What’s even more important is that Google Forms come free – you don’t have to spend a dime on them.

To sum up, a lot can be done with Google Forms when it comes to data collection. But to be honest, there’s so much that you can’t do with these forms.

That’s the exact reason why businesses explore other Google Forms alternatives like Axonator.

Quick Introduction to Axonator

To sum up, a lot can be done with Google Forms when it comes to data collection. But to be honest, there’s so much that you can’t do with these forms.

That’s the exact reason why businesses explore other Google Forms alternatives like Axonator.

Without further preamble, let’s draw a head-to-head comparison between Google Forms and Axonator to understand why the latter is a preferred choice of enterprises.

Creating unlimited online forms

When it comes to creating forms, both Axonator & Google Forms allow you to create unlimited forms for your survey or data collection project.

You can start Axonator with a free trial, and continue to use it with a paid model after the free trial concludes (as less as $10 a month).

With Google Forms, you can’t collect more than 20 responses a day. You want more than that? Get a paid version. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, after all.

Internet connection

Creating Google forms without an internet connection is impossible – in fact, you can’t even fill forms if there’s no connection.

The same doesn’t hold true with Axonator. Collect data on Axonator mobile app anytime, regardless of internet connection. Data syncs automatically when the connection is available.

For businesses using field or any other teams for data collection, Axonator comes as a major boon – they don’t have to worry anymore about the loss of data.

Even when there’s a breakdown of your device or instance of battery drainage while filling up the mobile form, all your data collected remains safe in drafts.

Integration with other platforms

Integrating Google Forms with drive and Google Sheets is pretty much straightforward. Sheets are just a click away.

But integrating Google forms with third-party applications isn’t that easy. One can embed these forms on different websites by running the codes though.

Axonator easily integrates with 1000+ platforms. What this means is data entry on multiple systems isn’t required, data can be imported/exported easily.

This turns to be a significant time-saver for businesses.

Analytics availability

Google Forms does provide a summary of the data you have collected. It classifies the responses you have collected and also offers reports in pie charts, bar charts, and more.

You can use the Google sheet to fetch other reports – but all of this is done manually.

With Axonator, it’s a different story. Pull different reports that are visually appealing. The intelligent dashboard helps you make decisions faster.

Businesses are learning from the data collected through Axonator dashboard. This assists in decision-making, eliminating bottlenecks, provides an opportunity to explore new revenue opportunities and empowers in taking much-demanded corrective & preventive actions.

Creating reports

Well, this is an area where Google Forms clearly lack behind by a mile. Although data can be migrated to online sheets, reports have to be prepared manually.

Report-making is as easy as pie. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to prepare reports at all.

PDF reports are automatically generated upon submission of each form. What’s more important is the fact that all of these reports are directed to email ids without any manual intervention. Cool!

Customizing reports with company name & logo is possible. Just set the template in the beginning, and the same will apply for every report created in the future.

This allows businesses to maintain consistency in PDF reports. The brand look & feel is uniform in reports, which is important since they are being sent to stakeholders (customers, management, colleagues, and teams).

Advanced Logic

Both Axonator and Google Forms license advanced logic. Showing a question based on the user’s previous response can be set.

This not just saves time, but it also terminates the scope of manual errors for the user.

Axonator makes question appear/disappear based on the user choice and not just this, it goes even further. You can include other conditions in the form, which makes it more advanced.

Other intelligent properties of Axonator involve OTP and Unique. OTP (one-time password) is used by businesses where there are chances of fake data collection.

This guarantees the capture of a unique mobile number during the data collection. (Since the OTP is sent on the mobile number of the respondent).

The ‘Unique’ property makes sure that duplicate entries are not accepted by the system. So, you can add a unique property to make sure that two different forms don’t have the same email id, number, or some unique ID.

Such advanced features are clearly missing with Google Forms.

Rich Data

Rich data capture works just fine on both the platforms. But uploading an image with Google Forms can really be a painful process. It’s lousy even with files below 1 MB size – it also depends on your connection though.

With Axonator, it’s easy to upload an image from your gallery. Annotating images after capturing them is doable. This feature alone is something that inspection teams love using since this isn’t possible with Google Forms.

It makes their work easy. Imagine this: they capture the image of the machine, and can just highlight the part of the image that they want. Period.

Without this feature, teams would have to type out everything, and still unable to explain the situation.

Capturing Audio & Video is similar fashion is easy with Axonator.

Automation - workflow

Enabling automation through mobile forms or web forms is a critical capability Axonator offers.

Specific user responses trigger actions like ticket generation, task allocation, report generation, approval creation, and more.
Businesses leverage Axonator to streamline manual, repetitive, and paper-based processes.

Here’s a situation to help you understand the power of automation: The facility inspector when conducting a routine inspection on client premises finds a problem related to plumbing.

While filling out the mobile form, he clicks the photo – and taps on ‘Plumbing department’ under the question ‘which department do you require action from?’

That’s it. As soon as he submits the responses, a task is already created and sent to the plumbing department authority – who can then check the details and allocate the task to his teammate through the mobile app.

That’s the kind of response time your clients love!

Google Forms, unfortunately, does not offer such a capability.


If you compare Axonator & Google Forms UI – both are simple to use. But, since Axonator is a mobile application, users find it more responsive.

Even while creating a form, drag and drop works just smooth on Axonator platform. The process is almost effortless.

Google Forms maintains the reputation with a simplistic design, and in fact, offers few basic themes for users to try out. Not bad!


Google Forms beats Axonator when it comes to this particular aspect. Axonator, as of now, cannot be shared through an URL. It has to be downloaded on the mobile device.

But since it is mostly used by enterprises for its teams, it works just fine. (The app is surprisingly light-weight by the way).

Quick Data Capture

Axonator offers features such as QR code and barcode. Field teams scan these codes to fetch the data without having to type anything.

Other features like time & location capture are used to fetch the live location and time just with a tap. This offers more authentication to data.

Google Forms don’t include these feature in its list.

Axonator - most-trusted choice for businesses

Businesses who love more data control usually opt for Axonator for the factors mentioned above.

Right from controlling the data quality by checking the user responses to organizing the data better, it’s all made possible with Axonator.

Our clients have witnessed higher productivity, automation, and better efficiency.

Streamlining manual & paper-based processes saves a lot of time, which is usually consumed by non-revenue-generating tasks.

Another added bonus: costs spent on data entry, paper, print, and storage is eliminated completely.

If you are someone who likes to see fast action and more accountability – Axonator is a natural choice for you.

You can start with a free trial.

Or you can choose to get in touch with us at [email protected]

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