Achieving Digital Transformation in 2022: Going Paperless with Digital Checklist

We’re rapidly approaching the day when paper processes are just too outdated to be effective.

But companies today still conduct transactions, ask employees to fill out forms, and keep records in a paper format.

There has to be a way that is a very inefficient and costly practice. It may seem like a laborious and daunting transition away from paper-based processes.

And the right way can be a use a digital checklist.

While the idea of going paperless might sound like a daunting task, digital checklists can be very helpful in this transformation.

As more companies are beginning to use digital checklists, there are multiple benefits for companies that will be discussed in further detail. By 2022, it is estimated that half of the businesses will use this software to increase operational efficiency.

What Does it Mean to Go Paperless?

Going paperless means that your business or organization will transition from its old ways of conducting business through the use of hard-copy documents to newer processes that is digital and completely paperless.

The elimination and/or reduction of intangible and tangible documents and incessant document printing is a primary motive in going paperless. Paperwork can be frustrating and downright time-consuming when it comes to trying to access necessary information.

Paperless Process

Documents clog up our in baskets, stay in filing cabinets, or are stacked on any other available surface because they are either waiting to get filed or be acted upon. They often require translations, endless clicks, confusion over what is needed, searched for, and sometimes lost.

Without a question, a digital document or checklist works best such as entering information for a new customer. In this case, digitally collecting and saving client information is critical for future retrieval convenience. Furthermore, looking through metal file cabinets for manual papers takes time.

Few examples of what checklists are used for:

Create, Edit, Save, and Share Digital Checklist

You can easily create custom checklist using a no-code platform. The checklist-based app-building process is simple, with on-screen instructions, a wealth of resources, and prompt customer support on hand.

You may also opt to update an existing template rather than create your own app from scratch by using hundreds of pre-built templates, many of which are tailored for certain businesses and sectors.

When you’re finished generating your personalized forms, they’re instantly available from your mobile device and ready for use in the office or on the go.

Save Money By Going Paperless

A paperless work system not only saves you time and convenience but may also help you reduce your company’s overhead expenditures. According to studies, the paper sector generates billions of dollars in income each year, much of which comes from corporate spending.

Converting to a paperless system helps you to save money on paper, shredding, ink, and storage while removing the headaches associated with paper forms.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Because digital checklists are easy to update, employees can grasp and complete instructions and processes that are clearer and easier to understand. Including images in checklists provides them with a more defined structure as well as a more logical flow.

Employees may complete checklists on a phone or tablet if they utilize a digital checklist app. Carrying a clipboard everywhere becomes tiresome, as does constantly misplacing your pen.

field data collection mobile forms

Paper-based checklists no longer sync well with new and existing technologies as many companies transition to digital operations. As a result, digital checklists are more suitable in terms of ease of use, creation, and updating.

Because many procedures and processes are evolving in response to the changing demands of many firms, digital checklists are significantly more ideal for future modifications.

Advanced Features and Integrations

One of the key advantages of using mobile forms is the increased efficiency they give. Mobile form apps are digital versions of your existing documents that have extra functionality added to them.

GPS position confirmation, signature capture, barcode scanning, mobile payments, and picture capture are just a few of the features that may be implemented straight into your mobile application. Because mobile forms are dynamic, you may compress numerous phases of your internal processes into a single app.

Going paperless helps you to optimize your workflow operations, resulting in convenience and efficiency.

Resolving Legibility and Submission Issues

Another advantage of going paperless is that digital interfaces are easier to read. This removes difficulties with legibility and misplaced or damaged forms. Digital form submission is also significantly faster than paper alternatives.

Going paperless allows you to rapidly deliver papers to clients, subcontractors, and others, eliminating the need for snail mail, scanning, and the time and expenses involved with these procedures.

More Accuracy and Easier to Control

Manually recording data and manually entering it into Excel or another system are both particularly prone to human mistakes

Despite our best efforts, distractions occur, time is limited, and we occasionally struggle to decipher our own handwriting. With a digitized checklist, data collection and entry are done just once, resulting in more accurate information from the field.

Provide Accountability

Recognition is critical in businesses such as manufacturing and logistics, where efficiency is paramount. Employees who aren’t located in an office, on the other hand, are more likely to feel disengaged. Employees are held accountable for their exceptional productivity numbers and correctness, as well as any faults that need to be corrected, using digital checklists.

When a mistake occurs, valuable time is wasted looking for a paper checklist and determining who signed off on it. Finding out who completed the checklist is as simple as a mouse click using digital checklists.

You can take quick action to correct the error. Mistakes are unavoidable, but with the accountability built into digital checklists, you can get to the source of the problem faster and repair it, which is what counts most.

A Goldmine of Data

The business divisions that utilize checklists the most are typically those where the company does not have a direct line of sight. Data from checklists is similar to a telescope in that it may be used by leaders to discover inefficiencies and provide more help to failing teams and locations.

When checklists are digital, data may be accessed immediately. You can acquire all the information you need regarding analytics, compliance, and other topics in real-time.

Allows Field Workers to Focus on Productive Tasks

Because automation is critical to any organization, time-consuming processes such as filling out and preparing paperwork should be eliminated. Having digital checklists does this. To submit reports and exchange information, users only need to check off tasks and click a button.

In Conclusion

I think this blog explains how digitized checklists make life simpler for employees, minimize risk, and provide businesses with insight into parts of the business that they would not otherwise have visibility into.

That’s why we at Axonator think that it’s time to put paper checklists in the recycle bin.

With the Axonator No-code platform, you can digitize all of your checklists, procedures, and forms and get real-time analytics on what’s going on in the field!

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