Four Ways How Integrated Facility Management Software Empowering Companies Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Touchless technology isn’t a new trend. From automatic doors, Apple’s Face ID to VISA’s Tap to Pay, organizations worldwide have been adopting innovative ways to make tasks more convenient for years. And yet, in recent times, there’s never been a need for touchless technologies like there is a need for it now. The coronavirus pandemic has significantly transformed the course of many industries and facility management is no exception. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of efficient management of FM services with a prime focus on disinfecting, cleaning, space management, and sanitization.

This has prompted organizations to adopt new solutions to facilitate effective facilities’ management and that’s where Integrated Facility Management Software (IFMS) comes into the picture. As commercial workplaces and buildings gradually move towards reopening with a better understanding of space management, integrated facility management systems come as a natural choice for them to keep every aspect of FM efficient. It can be employed to manage a diverse range of facilities across widespread industries such as hospitality, manufacturing, energy management, real-estate, and other service-focused fields.

With growing prominence, let’s look at four ways how integrated facility management software is empowering businesses to effortlessly get the job done.

Facilitates Contactless Experience

As touch is a main factor in the spread of COVID-19 disease, the entry and exit of commercial buildings require some serious attention. This has encouraged companies to opt for digital entry and exit solutions that provide a hygienic, touch-free way for people to register themselves at the workplace or any other places, thereby reducing the need for interactions.

Some of the modules of integrated facility management software such as visitor management app, attendance app, QR-code apps have gained significant prominence recently. These apps have enabled visitors, contractors, customers, employees to record contactless entries with cutting-edge technologies like facial recognition, forms, and QR-code with their mobile device. Integrated facility management software also comes with customized apps or modules that fits the company’s unique requirements.

Streamline Regular Sanitization Activities

During these challenging times, maintenance services such as sanitization, cleaning, etc. should be well-run and thus, integrated facility management software is best to ensure that these activities are adhered to. Buildings today need more intense housekeeping measures like multiple rounds of cleaning on a daily basis for most contact surfaces such as elevator buttons, door handles, handrails, etc.

The facility management software has enabled companies to create diverse forms, automate workflows, send daily sanitization digital reports, thereby ensuring that measures against COVID-19 are adhered to in the most efficient way possible.

Streamlines Space Management

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, numerous settings such as hospitals, workplaces, cinema halls, restaurants are in need of new solutions that could transform how spaces are being managed. In unprecedented times like these, these entities can rely on space management software to better manage space management-related challenges, but also to safeguard the lives of people within their facilities.

Space management software assesses the infrastructure of a building through space mapping to make sure that it is fit to serve people’s needs. The software not only helps organizations to track spaces it has but also allocate spaces to cater the needs of customers or employees. The space data gathered through this software can help your organization to minimize the risk to people and physical infrastructure. It also helps organizations to map out what-if scenarios and plan for space usage in widespread pandemic situations. Few advanced software solutions like Axonator can also associate equipment with your building’s infrastructure behind those what-if scenarios.

Better Inventory Audits

The SARC-COV-2 virus has no doubt affected supply chain distributions thereby, necessitating the need for intelligent management of inventory. Advanced QR code-based inventory management apps facilitate contactless tracking of inventories. Just by scanning particular product companies can access the threshold number of each item for automatic replenishment orders. These solutions also enable simple asset location tracking for both maintenance and restocking of cleaning materials, thereby streamlining the supply chain during these challenging times.

Axonator Integrated Facility Management Software is Here to Help!

Organizations across the world have always faced the challenge of adapting their facilities to evolve with the ever-changing needs of technology. But with COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever for healthcare organizations to adopt the most suitable software for implementing best practices.
  •  Axonator’s integrated facility management software suite is designed to help organizations to streamline their end-to-end facilities management operations.
  • Axonator facility management software suite offers numerous modules and apps that can be customized to suit a company’s specific requirements.

Together, we hope to help your organization feel empowered to make facility-related decisions for better management. If your organization is in need of assistance, Axonator is here to help. Please contact or email us at [email protected] for more information, and we will do what we can to help your organization persevere through this difficult time.

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