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Five Ways Facility Management Mobile Apps Improve Field Service Productivity


Are you a facility management field service provider contemplating jumping on the mobile bandwagon? Are you currently stuck on the fence, wondering if such facility management software would provide considerable Return on Investment (ROI) and be worth the effort? Do you want to digitally transform your company to automate daily field operations?

Well, in that case, you must know about mobile-based facility management software which empowers field workers to accelerate productivity, enhance service quality, and improve customers’ experience without capital expenditure. These software are enhancing the efficiency of field services across industries with less investment, which in turn, helps companies to provide higher returns. They can be employed to manage a diverse range of facilities across widespread industries such as energy management, manufacturing, and other service-focused fields.

With growing prominence, let’s look at five ways mobile-based FM software is empowering the field workforce to effortlessly get the job done.

Real-Time Data to Track Ongoing Tasks and Make Key Decisions

The usage of real-time data with facility management apps allows the field workforce to gather mission-critical information. Field staff members can then send this information to back-office/office workers to come up with an immediate response. These mobile apps provide transparency and accountability in real-time at every step service process, ensuring efficiency and better outcomes.

Assign the Right Technician for Each Job and Connect with the Team

Mobile FM apps significantly boost field service management efficacy. It empowers schedulers to send the best technician for field service based on real-time data technician location, availability, and skillset and enables all agents in the field to be connected to the home office. This real-time connection facilitates a more informed and accountable team.

Process Audits for Improved Efficiency

Using mobile apps to track end-to-end field processes empowers organizations to take preventive and corrective actions at the right time without delays. Companies can also identify field locations according to their performance on maps and create tasks with deadlines and priority levels. With connected mobile apps, the entire field is visible from anywhere in the organization: home offices, back offices, warehouses, and many more.

Enable Consistency and Verification of Completed Work

Field workers can verify fieldwork through photos, location, signature collection and utilize centralized inspections and field forms to ensure consistency. Mobile-based FM software allows the field workforce to document finished work by taking photos on mobile phones or tablets and can capture customer signatures for work orders and other authorizations.

By developing FM apps integrated with field forms including audits, checklists, and other fields, organizations ensure that their technicians are carrying out their duties efficiently.

Enhance Customer Experience

Mobile-based facility management software provides easy access to field service history and equipment maintenance information, thereby ensuring better communication and services with clients. FM mobile apps provide records in real-time, on location, which in turn results in improved customer service relationships. Using mobile apps, field workers can report on-site equipped with the appropriate parts and knowledge of the service history of the equipment, enabling them to do the job correctly and quickly.

Digitalization: A Key to Better Field Service Productivity

In today’s interconnected world, field service management is being transformed by mobile-based FM software. These apps provide FM organizations with simple, easy-to-use, trackable solutions to a workflow like managing field data, equipment maintenance, transporting materials. Facility management is a key example for demonstrating the immense growth of service through the adoption of mobile apps.

A recent ebook from Axonator – ‘Reinventing Facility Management for the Digital World’ states that these firms are already looking for cutting-edge technologies in a bid to digitize their end-to-end operations. Ultimately, the e-book concluded, “With the adoption of micro-apps capable of automating workflows, organizations are enhancing field operations, improving customer satisfaction, and transforming it from a cost center into differentiating asset.”

Developing customized mobile-based facility management software can take your company further. Axonators can help you develop custom FM software that fits your needs. See how you can get started today!

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