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Emma AndersonJuly 30, 2020
Axonator face recognition Attendance App For Diverse Industries

This is a great time for technology and using various tech innovations to change the way we lead our lives, be it work, play or the way we respond to crisis situations. Why we say this is because the ongoing pandemic has really accelerated the adoption of technology for making a positive impact in our lives. It is playing a huge role in saving lives and enabling people to access medical facilities, groceries, work and other stuff, with everything shut due to lockdown

We at Axonator bring true mobility to businesses and help them to change their processes and methods to get work done, keeping in view the current situation and how the future is shaping up. So, everyone at Axonator is working towards our grand goal **‘to bring the world on mobile’** and make every business, big or small, taste the fruits of technological progress and adapt to the new way of doing things

Axonator Has Stepped Up To The Challenge

We have upped our game to tackle the challenges that the current pandemic has created. Our response has been to introduce in the market a number of customized mobile apps that help businesses to safely reopen after the great lockdown and enable them to ensure safety and health of their employees. This adds to the much needed positivity and encourages a can-do approach to fight the gloom and despair that we collectively are going through

Be it the coronavirus self-declaration app, or apps related to attendance and visitor management, contact tracing app, or the employee health screening app, we are contributing our bit to help people and companies to manage these turbulent times in a better way. Our apps not only help companies to become more efficient and productive, but also help them to create and implement processes that are touch-free, enable remote working and monitoring and especially help the field staff to ease their work burden by automating most of the work

Continuing this effort, Axonator has now introduced a new face recognition app. This can be used as a standalone face recognition app or the capability of face recognition can be used to significantly improve processes like attendance management, visitor management, unique identification and more

Axonator's Face Recognition app (1)

Mark Your Attendance The Touchfree Way

Let us now explore a few examples of the different ways the face recognition app is being used. Face recognition has further strengthened our attendance app which now uses this technology to record employee attendance. Everything is touchless, so employees don’t need to press any button or punch any machine to get their attendance marked. Works as well for companies, who don’t need to maintain any cumbersome attendance records in paper format, or struggle with accuracy of the attendance data and spend hours calculating employee work hours, overtime, etc

As soon as anyone approaches the pre-designed area at the office gate or in the reception area, the face recognition app captures the biometric data of their face and the attendance is marked once the face gets matched with the data already stored in the app in the form of a picture. As simple as that, even though a lot of complex technology is operating at the backend, you don’t need to worry about that, you can proceed to work without having to touch or punch anything

Multiple faces can be recognized by face recognition simultaneously, and our attendance app even has a voice detection feature, where different operations can be performed with the app simply by speaking to it

Applications In Airports And Schools

Not just in corporate offices, but the face recognition app has applications in airports and schools as well. U.S. government authorities are already using face recognition at airports to monitor people, for the purpose of homeland security and  law enforcement. For your information, the U.S. custom officials made their first arrest of a criminal fleeing the country at the Dulles International Airport in Washington way back in 2018. Now, this capability has other implications as well. The face recognition app can be used to monitor people and even record their body temperature, and check mask compliance to curb the virus spread in public spaces

Similarly, we are already in the process of making customized apps to help schools reopen and make them safe for both the students and the teaching staff. Especially important for the tiny tots, who don’t have a smartphone on them, and they need to be constantly checked for their safety. It helps in making sure that nobody is running a high temperature or exhibiting symptoms of an infection that can easily spread to other children. For college goers, now don’t even think of sending your brainy roommate to appear for you in a test.

Making Banking More Secure

Banking sector has been facing a lot of problems related to security, and in the current situation, where each one of us prefers to use online banking facilities to avoid exposure in public places, cyber criminals are having a field day. The face recognition app is a step to curb this menace of banking fraud, and provides an extra layer of authentication and security for safer banking. Even for other activities like withdrawing cash from an ATM, face recognition makes it more secure and much more difficult to tamper with the machines and game the system with phished card data

Making banking more secure

We Understand Your Security And Privacy Concerns

We at Axonator take data security and privacy seriously, not just because we have to be compliant with government laws, but because we believe that with great power, comes great responsibility. The kind of technology we handle, the endless scope of applications of the tech to change our lives and the impact that we create prompts us to be vigilant and responsible about data security and privacy.

Every byte of digital data captured by our apps is safe and secure, and no compromise is made on this critical requirement. We handle a lot of sensitive healthcare and financial data of our customers, and till today, we have faced no complaints on this front and we are confident in maintaining our record in the future as well.

Limitless Possibilities Await

Every cloud has a silver lining. Same can be said about the current pandemic, which has forced all of us to think of better ways, efficient ways, and environmentally friendly ways to function and adapt our way of life to suit our quest for a better tomorrow. That’s what really matters at the end, and everyone at Axonator is proud to be contributing to this collective goal of ours.

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