What’s the True Meaning of Ease of Use in Facility Management Software?

Emma AndersonOctober 9, 2021

With everything going digital in the last decade, organizations have depended heavily on one thing to deliver the best of experience to their customers. And that very thing is User Experience or the acronym UX

UX as such has evolved to be the ultimate thing that has defined a brand’s credibility in the industry, its design, interaction, and the solution that particular brand is providing

In this article, I’ll be explaining to you the importance of UX in business parlance alongside its need in Facility Management Software for all Facility Managers and Decision-makers present out in the industry

What's the Importance of User Experience in Business?

Do you think he/she will stay there when encountered with a bad experience?

Now from the business perspective, what this means is the collective waste of resources, time, and money that you have invested to create that web page

In facilities management, that’s why it’s critical to have good UI/UX in the software to achieve the utmost productivity

User Adaptability to the Software

There’s a reason why the most used apps on your phone remain on the first screen. it feels like they understand us

Similarly, a good experience and ease of use in facility management software is crucial as it will decide the likeability of the user to the software

User Adaptibility

I have come across a lot of users which have confessed their issues when it comes to using good facility management software

Here, check out the Top 10 Facilities Management Software, where User Experience is a major factor while deciding on it

Determine Look and Feel

Adding to my above point, the software must display all the information on the collected data in a simple and easy way for the user to understand

There’s no point where a facility manager spent most of his time in navigating the software and not focusing on the tasks at hand

Look and Feel

Furthermore, look out for all the cures involved during the demo and trial to ensure that your team feels comfortable while using the software

Accessibility for Routine Maintenance

The experience of a good facility manager should keep managers on the upfront and help them in being proactive towards maintenance

For instance, When the planning process does not include adequate input from the FM, the competing demands of key stakeholders, i.e., the business requires vs. what the employee and the facilities team need, and the speed with which the project needs to be finished to meet occupancy dates can cause difficulties

Routine Maintenance

A good user experience involves business unit stakeholders and employee representatives from each job function in the design planning stage for requirement collection and overall design aesthetic input

Budget Decisions and Ongoing Maintenance

This mostly relates to what happens behind the scenes: keeping the finished area looking fresh while also keeping personnel comfortable and secure


Certain financial selections can have a direct influence on space performance and the user’s day-to-day experience

All of this boils down to the level of experience that managers, stakeholders, employees, and everyone else engaged has

In Conclusion

User Experience has become the cornerstone when it comes to engaging anybody. The same idea extends to your managers, employees, and people involved

While I have cleared out the importance of ease of use. There are many other factors that play an important role in deciding the best software

I have also shown you the experience you get with Axonator while comparing it with other brands

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