Digitize Your Data Collection Process As A Harbinger For Digital Transformation

Emma AndersonJanuary 19, 2021

Degrees of Digital Transformation Vary

The degrees of digital transformation vary from business to business and digital transformation is implemented in different forms in such a way that data collection processes transform from the classic to the modern. Classic forms of data collection vary from using the good old pen and paper as tools for effective data collection or the employment of different tools in the form of digitization like the microsoft excel sheets for google forms. However, companies soon realized the potential of employing tools like smartphone apps to effectively conduct their data collection operations

Digital Transformation Through Data Collection Micro Apps

In this way, the mobile-first movement began to gain steam and began to accelerate the process of digital transformation by using the much prevalent smartphones to create specific apps that are devoted for the tasks of data collection using simple yet sophisticated software and these apps began to be utilized in the form of transformation techniques set to revolutionize the IT industry, with various spin-off benefits for the allied industries and associated sectors

As mentioned above, these digital transformation initiatives in the form of data collection apps give solid advantages to the organizations as well as individuals that are implementing such smartphone applications. First and foremost are the prime benefits from the point of view of the decision makers in the form of increased productivity and accurate reporting

Smartphones as Digital Transformation Tools

With the help of smartphone applications pertaining to data collection processes that are set for the various industries, the ease of reporting using the simple and effective data collection apps makes the field staff better, more efficient and productive, and significantly reduces the man-hours required for such kind of tasks. In addition, while comparing with classic data collection tools like excel sheets or pen and paper types of physical forms, the data collections mobile applications have digital forms and a very simple to use interface that helps them to collection data accurately, without any duplication (in case of surveys), and also helps to raise the bar as far as the quality of data collected is concerned

Benefits Don’t End Here

The benefits of digitization don’t stop here. Going a step further, businesses may go a step further in the path of digital transformation and also refine their other work processes and automation workflows concerned with data collection. For example, data collection software is not the only tool companies use. They also streamline the data collection processes so that the connecting processes of collating the collected data and the related processes of reporting as per what has been collected in the first place is also digitized

Data Transformation Into Valuable Information

Due to this, data is transformed into something valuable, i.e. it transforms into something of value and on this info, decision makers of such companies take strategic and also long term & short term decisions which turn out to be beneficial for the entire organization. It is due to the processes streamlined of such data collection apps that companies are reaping the benefits of digital transformation, and are projecting professional and sleek images of their businesses with the help of several data collection and collation tools. It is because of such data collection apps that reporting of such entities is also streamlined, and the field staff is able to send real-time reporting alerts and also the collected data to the personnel supervising them on-site and also at the office and this helps the system to be both transparent and accountable

All these benefits result in a good positive impact on the bottom line of the balance sheets of such organizations, and they are set to achieve the desired results and fulfill the goals they had set for themselves as a part of their digital transformation initiatives. Besides the financial gains, there are also some intangible benefits that the companies reap as a part of the successful implementation of the data collection apps

Intangible Benefits of Data Collection Micro Apps

These intangible benefits include increased collaboration and cooperation among all staff and all the office staff and even the field staff are dedicated to a singular goal set by the organization and the engagement level is high. This increased morale of the staff helps the companies not only to achieve success after success, but also helps them to cement their position in a fiercely competitive market, outsmarting their competition and gaining a solid foothold in the specific sector/s they are operating in

Appeals More To Millennials

Besides this, data collection apps also help in successful implementation of the digital transformation initiatives as has been discussed in the article. With the help and experience of such successful initiatives, companies can continue their journeys towards other higher degrees of digital transformations and also successfully make their entire system accountable and transparent. This is majorly important as the millennial generation, who are now set to become decision-makers, this demographic is appealed by the sustainability and accountability processes that help them to go full on their set mission and vision that the businesses they are running are pursuing

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