Top 10 Facility Management Digital Checklists that Every Business Should Convert Into Apps

The modern enterprise is a ‘mobile first’ one.

The growing penetration of mobile phones has made employees more productive than ever just before.   

And in recent times, the same has extended to facility management.

Under the facility management landscape, digital checklists have earned an important role in streamlining and making things easier for the facility managers.

Digital Checklists have grown so much that they are being used to make processes safer and more efficient and can be found nearly in every facility. 

Thus, it has become important for facility managers to have digital checklists in their digital transformation strategy that can help them accelerate productivity, growth, and return on investment (ROI).

Digital checklists sure are better than paper-based handbooks and checklists that ensure that everything is in order and keep track of problems and procedures that need improvement. 

However, there are some more challenges such as customizability and mobility in web-based digital checklists that hinder the productivity of the organizations.

In this blog, we’ll be guiding facility management organizations to make their operations productive.

Here’re the top 10 checklists that every facility management organization must covert into digital checklists/mobile apps.

1. Housekeeping  or Janitor Checklist

Organizations worldwide rely on third-party teams for conducting their day-to-day janitorial or housekeeping services.

This makes it difficult for organizations to keep track of janitor services, especially when they depend on manual processes.

Janitorial Services

Manual processes can mean inconsistent compliance and service quality.

Digital checklists allow companies to conduct, streamline, manage, and track all aspects of janitor services performed by an in-house team an outsourced contractor, including:

  • Raise tickets to perform all types of janitor services 
  • Send digital service reports submitted by region, facility, team, and/or individual
  • Know the quality of service and give feedback if not satisfied
  • Compliance with established SLAs and government requirements.
  • Analytics to determine if the company is on track to reach target levels

“An easy-to-use mobile solution, coupled with an analytics dashboard, can drive daily performance from subpar to top-tier”

2. Predictive and Preventive Maintenance Checklists

FM organizations across the globe have been leveraging digital platforms to accomplish more with less.

This means maximizing the lifespan of most critical assets, which can be achieved through predictive maintenance rather than routine preventative maintenance

Predictive models enable companies to perform maintenance activities on equipment systems such as HVAC systems, elevators, etc. in advance to keep them in a prime condition.

Streamlined Maintenance Management

It ensures that such systems work as intended if at all any emergency situation/s arises.

How digital checklist can help you focus on predictive maintenance?

  • Monitor the condition and activity of key assets using real-time information 
  • Workflow automation to get alerts and notifications in advance about maintenance and assign technicians to perform maintenance activities. 
  • The technician’s mobile form can be set up to indicate asset location, equipment ID, the problem, and suggested actions for repair or maintenance
  • Dashboard view represents complete data related to equipment and offer critical insights to make better decisions

“Implementing a predictive model using digital checklist allows you to help solve potential problems before equipment failure, maximizing asset uptime and overall lifespan”

3. Patrolling Checklist

One of the most vital elements of facility management is the administration of managed security services, which are pivotal to protecting the facility, its tenants, and its profitability.

Using facility management digital checklists, companies can manage their end-to-end security landscape.

Equipped with mobile apps, companies’ security team can:

  • Quickly and accurately gather key information for reports and investigations using features such as photo capture, signature capture, and geo and time stamps 
  • Alert staff to emergencies via e-mail notifications 
  • Eliminate the paperwork bottleneck to spend more time on patrol
  • Mobile solutions are a perfect complement to your existing security systems.
  • Record complete visitor’s information to enhance existing security landscape

“Digital solutions enhance your security processes, helping you perform your most important task – safeguarding your facility and tenants”

4. Inspection Checklists

In the modern digital world, inspections still remain an invaluable method to avoid machinery malfunction, process defects, and quality failures.

Correctly performed, the systems and equipment help the maintenance and reliability directly, ensure product consistency, reduce downtime, waste scrap and re-work, and even improve continuously.

The challenges are to maximize the efficiency of the inspection process while preserving optimal efficiency. But in fact, this does not always seem to be the case. Inspections often slip secret, low-value costs, whereas their efficiency and effect are often uncertain.

While these aspects of the inspections cannot be avoided, they can surely be made easy to deal with. Here’s what you get with an Inspection app:

  • Overcome paper-based processes which are harder to collect, maintain, and hinder overall productivity
  • Convert all paper-based documents into digital documents and drive efficiency
  • Incorporate real-time images, videos, and annotations in reporting maintenance
  • Improve communication with direct communication and notification alerts
  • Empower users with an easy, intuitive user interface and tools to inspect items more efficiently
  • Complete the cycle of inspection while keeping everyone in the loop in the process including the customer

5. Attendance Checklists

Without a doubt, touchless attendance is going to be the first thing that will be implemented when employees get back to offices.

The solution will solve the problem for companies of all sizes where employees move around the property to take meetings, eat at the cafeteria, or move around the facilities.

Modern attendance checklists will help organizations to overcome such hurdles.

For example, a combination of three technologies i.e. facial recognition, temperature gauge, and proximity beacon can be the first step towards touchless attendance.

Here’s how digital technology makes attendance taking procedure a piece of cake:

  • Advanced contactless employee attendance measures powered by facial recognition technology
  • Turn your smart device into a facial recognition/voice recognition machine
  • GPS solutions for effective monitoring of the staff
  • Collect accurate employee time-related data
  • Simplified reporting and analytics in managing attendance
  • Store data in the cloud for any time, anywhere use

6. Field Audit Checklists

Mobile-based field audit checklists empower field workers to accelerate productivity, improve service quality, and improve customers experience without capital expenditures.

These are enhancing the efficiency of field services across industries with less investment, which in turn helps companies to provide higher returns.

Modern attendance checklists will help organizations to overcome such hurdles.

Axonator for Pre Populated Fields ​

They can be employed to manage a diverse range of facilities across widespread industries such as energy management, manufacturing, and other service-focused fields.

How filed audit digital checklists are empowering the field workforce to effortlessly get the job done?

  • Gather real-time data to track ongoing tasks and make key decisions
  • Assign the right technician for each job and connect with the team
  • Conduct process audits for improved efficiency
  • Enable Consistency and Verification of completed work
  • Consolidated dashboard view to make data-driven decisions

“Field audit digital checklists seemingly connects filed employees with office staff members for better collaboration”

7. HVAC Maintenance and Inspection Checklist

Digital checklists help organizations to effortlessly conduct much-needed scheduled maintenance as well as inspections of HVAC, keeping your air conditioning and ventilation equipment up & running.

The digital checklist will help you in:

  • Keep track of your HVAC maintenance schedule with the help of this app’s smart forms and workflows.
  • Increase the productivity of your field personnel by providing them with access to the data and visibility they need to perform their duties as effectively as possible.
  • Effortlessly conduct HVAC preventive maintenance schedules to avoid downtime and expected expenses.
  • Log information related to overeating, uptime, potential fire, and mechanical breakdown. Keep HVAC systems up & running.
  • Easily create a scheduler for listing all of the preventive maintenance tasks.
  • Give technicians the capacity to record, monitor, and manage information about water heater, air conditioning unit, heat pump, indoor air quality monitoring and other systems through mobile apps

8. Incident Management Audit Checklist

Incident management is probably a facility manager’s most critical role. 

As not having a comprehensive solution in place could result in equipment damage, loss of business, and even loss of life, it has become important for FM organizations to respond faster to audit and resolve critical incidents with automated alerts.

With incident management audit checklists, companies can develop micro-apps to facilitate effective collaboration between teams with numerous features like alert management, incident reporting, etc.

FM teams can leverage incident management app to:

  • Capture photos of incidents- such as oil spilling, fires, etc., – and send alerts to concerned people for a faster response.
  • Allocate responsibilities as per the category, location, and priority for effective response to any incident
  • Log incidents easily and analyze the collected data to prevent recurrence of such incidents
  • Dashboard view of KPIs for every department and employee to track and monitor the incident responses for greater accountability and faster resolution.

“A mobile-equipped FM team is always in a better position to give a quick response to critical incidents”

9.Safety Management Audit Checklists

Safety management is probably a facility manager’s most critical role. 

Safety management audit checklists makes it easy for organizations to monitor, measure, audit, and review nearly anything related to health and safety of an organization. Be up and running in weeks, and have a complete solution for your safety management right out of the box.

Here’s what you get with an safety management audit app

  • Overcome paper-based processes which are harder to collect, maintain, and hinder overall productivity
  • Convert all paper-based safety documents into digital documents
  • Incorporate real-time images, videos, and annotations of faulty processes, products, and other hazards.
  • Improve communication with direct communication and notification alerts
  • Empower users with an easy, intuitive user interface and tools to inspect processes more efficiently
  • Complete the cycle of inspection while keeping everyone in the loop in the process including the customer

10. QR Code Digital Checklists

The general consensus of QR codes being a two-dimensional entity is to give the users’ touch or input to push them in the right direction.

However, businesses can do more than just redirect their users to their websites to make a direct decision in favor of the business.

For example, in Facility Management, QR codes can be associated with valuable assets which further can be integrated with a CMMS for easy access and easy maintenance.

QR Code Checklist App

Here’s what else QR code checklist can achieve for your business:

  • Easy and fast access to working pipelines’ checklists
  • Cover all essential parameters such as building maintenance inspections, building surveys, inventory control tasks in a secure, unified QR code
  • A single device over diverse devices as your smart device can act as your QR scanner
  • Standardize work documentation with easy to work with records, checklists, and dashboards and reports
  • Use QR codes for widespread applications and pave way for speed, accuracy, and convenience

The Bottom Line

I am sure that I have conveyed how easy it is to use digital checklists and build better, perfect enterprise-grade mobile apps.

Digital checklists have provided to be a boon for facility management and come as a true way for managing assets, events, hazards, maintenance tasks, and work orders.

Furthermore, with the approach of no-code development, creating a digital checklist has become way too easy. Sleek UI, drag and drop interface, and intuitive user experience have leveled the playground for everyone.

We at Axonator are providing facility managers with Facility Management Digital Checklist App’ to digitally manage all facets of facility management including assets, events, hazards, maintenance tasks, and purchase orders.

With a sleek UI, drag and drop interface, and intuitive user experience, Axonator’s digital checklists eliminate the use of paper forms and improve productivity.

Facility managers have to oversee the day-to-day upkeep of large facilities with numerous people, machinery, and moving parts. With Axonator, they can create facility management digital checklists electronically and access them anywhere.

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