6 Easy Steps to Convert Paper Forms & Checklists Into Mobile Apps

The modern organization is a ‘mobile-first’ one. 

Access to information, seamless workflows, and streamlined field processes make employees work more productive than ever before.

However, staying in step with digital technology can be a little overwhelming for growing organizations.

The challenges mainly lie in developing the most suitable strategy to adopt digital processes that can be complicated and intimidating. 

Thankfully, Axonator optimized the digital forms & checklists creation process to make it easy for companies to shift from paper-based processes to a digital one. 

In this article, I’ll explain how organizations can create mobile forms & digital checklists in 6 easy steps.

Let’s start with number 1:

Step 1: Create and log in to Axonator Account

As the first step, simply create an Axonator account, which includes a free trial with no credit card to other financial details required.

The entire sign-up process is intuitive and easy.

In addition, you can always contact our website’s help center or the online chat features for any assistance.

By creating and logging into an Axonator account, you get access to Axonator’s four components, including Sculptor (Mobile Form Builder), Automata (Workflow Builder), Enlighten (Report & Dashboard Builder), and Integrator (Integration Builder).

These components are specially designed and developed to help make your digital form & checklist creation process a breeze. 

Step 2: Create Your First Mobile Form Or Checklist

The creation of forms & digital checklists is just a matter of a few clicks with Axonator. The entire process is no-code, intuitive, drag-and-drop based, and also comes with a responsive support system on standby. 

To get started, log in to your account and follow these steps: 

  • After logging into your Axonator account choose the ‘DIY( Do it Yourself)’ option to get started.
  • Click on the form builder & access all widgets.
  • In the upper right, click ‘Create Form’.
  • Give the app name & description and then click the ‘Create App’ button.
  • Click on the ‘Form Builder’ to start the development of custom forms.
  • Add and edit fields like text, photos, choice list, location, signature, date & time, audio & video, and QR-code to build apps that  fit your business data collection needs.
  • Once your form is built, click the ‘Publish’ button.
  • Your new form app will be immediately available on your mobile device, ready for you and your team to start collecting data. 

Step 3: Setup Custom Workflows

Once you finish with building forms, Axonator workflow builder enables you to create automated workflows to streamline routine business processes. 

  • Select the ‘Workflow Builder’ to get started with automated workflows. 
  • Choose any one option from either ‘Default’ or ‘Custom Workflows’.
  • You can now create custom workflows as complex as you like with drag-and-drop & properties like ‘Start Step Properties’, Start On Which Form’, ‘Trigger Workflows On’, ‘E-mail Step Properties, ‘Recipient E-mail Address’, and more.

Step 4: Create Custom Reports & Dashboards

Once the structure of digital forms & workflow is created, you can customize your apps’ PDF reports. Whenever someone submits forms or checklists, a PDF is automatically generated that can be e-mailed to relevant stakeholders.

You can also set up customized dashboards where you can visualize collected data in graphical and tabular format.

  • In the report builder, choose any one document from templates, multi-record templates, excel templates to give you a quick headstart for anything.
  • Customize your report with just drag-and-drop with fields like image, table, link, digital signature, brand logo, etc. to replicate the design and style of your brand. 
  • Simply drag-and-drop data pockets into the canvas to visualize collected data in a graphical and tabular format.

Step 5: Publish the Mobile App

Simply publish no-code mobile apps with a simple click. Apps built on no-code are fully customizable, intuitive, and are easy-to-use.

Step 6: Submit your First Form

Your app is now ready to use for all your field as well as office employees.  All you have to do is;

  • Just visit ‘Google PlayStore’ or ‘Apple AppStore’ to download your published app.
  • Start submitting data using Axonator mobile app from field or office. 

Benefits of Mobile Forms & Checklists

Now, that you have understood how to convert paper forms & checklists into mobile apps, let’s discuss why every business must go for such apps.

Easy Access

Field workers can take important forms and checklists everywhere they go. This makes it easy for organizations to access forms even on the field.

Automate Business Processes

Companies can easily automate their workflows for mission-critical tasks. This can help their employees to save the time and hassle involved with paper-based processes. 

Brand Expansion

The implementation of digital solutions will surely help you become more reputable and recognizable. You can easily add brand logo, name, slogan, business license, signature, and more to each of your forms.

Save Money

Mobile apps will help your organization save lots of money in terms of increased productivity & efficiency and reduced paper & printing costs.

Get Axonator!

Conversion of mobile forms & checklists into mobile apps has the potential to transform your entire field-based landscape.

If you don’t believe how easy it is to convert your paper processes to digital, send us your form and we will convert it for you for free! 

Sign up here for Axonator today to initiate the digital future of your company’s success!

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