Best Checklist While Choosing a Mobile Form App for An Enterprise

It’s natural that when enterprises are required to become more pennywise and productive, they change their usual approach in carrying out their operations. How exactly are they choosing a solution when going digital? Is there any checklist? Read this interesting blog to find out!

Enterprises who have a paper-based approach in one or more than one of their processes have realized the importance of embracing the mobile form app – and how it can help in growing the efficiency. Enterprises who haven’t yet thought of adopting this digital transformation will have tough times ahead in staying competitive and scaling up.

Mobile Form Apps are getting popularity for a variety of reasons. But according to a survey conducted by Apperian, here are top reasons why companies are looking to invest in enterprise mobile apps:
The aforementioned reasons are critical to every enterprise, the severity of the importance might differ from enterprise to enterprise.
Regardless of what your reason is, you must wisely pick a mobile form app. There are certain parameters that you must not miss out on. We have compiled a good list of all such parameters that will help you choose the best mobile form app for your data collection and other enterprise requirements (The list is in random order).

1. Compatibility

The mobile form app should be multi-device & multi-platform compatible. Afterall you don’t want the teams to face problems no matter what platform (Android, iOS, etc.) and mobile device they are using (tabs, smartphones, etc.). It should work flawlessly.

2. The Customization Capability

One of the key parameters to evaluate a mobile form app is the customization ability it offers. Is it agile enough? With changing business scenarios, can this mobile form app accommodate changes?
Moreover, it should be capable of allowing you to build, edit, delete forms and workflows on your own without any technical expertise. The mobile app should be such that anyone could build it – it shouldn’t require any rocket science.

3. Advanced Widgets & Logic Capability

What differentiates e-forms or paperless forms from paper-based forms is that it allows you to collect rich data – meaning, you can capture images, videos, audio, etc. So, your evaluation should also be around the fact that the mobile form app allows rich data collection.
Well, creating and deleting is another story, but does the mobile form app have capabilities like advance, conditional, skip and branch logic? Child & parent forms?
These features allow the teams to skip the repetitive parts of the forms, pre-fill forms, take action based on the inputs, etc. and make data collection easier.
The other factors that you should be looking out at are the signature feature, GPS, Date & Time, etc.
Apart from this, check for a mobile form app with barcode & QR code scanner – this is one vital capability that is going to make the data collection process effortless for your field teams.

4. Data Collection

No doubt any mobile form app would allow you to collect data through devices, but what’s important is that does it allow to collect data and create drafts?
Imagine the plight of your field teams losing the entire data due to battery drain & discharge. It also makes little sense to settle down for a mobile form app that doesn’t work without an internet connection.
A mobile form app must have auto-save and auto sync features that allow the data to be sync whenever the internet connection is available.
The sync helps the data to be stored on the cloud – which means it also takes care of your storage problem that you had with your paper forms.

5. Analytics

You should also consider having the analytics feature on your mobile form app. The data submitted by the field teams through devices will reach you in real-time, but it would prove more meaningful if you could make sense of out the data.
An enterprise should have a metric system in place even if it is a data collection process. Can this mobile form app enable you to measure and track performance? Can it give you business insights that allow you to learn and make some important decisions?
Analytics is really important because it can drive ROI analysis & development priorities. It can give you insights on the app usage, user interactions within the app, etc. This kind of analysis can lead to strategic-level decisions.

6. Report-generation & Sharing

Mobile form app will no doubt offer you the leverage of real-time data access.
But, the ability to create reports within clicks and share them is a feature that you should look forward to. Does this mobile form app have ready-made templates that can help you prepare reports?  
Can you customize reports and send those over email? Can the app allow you to notify other people as soon as the action takes place?

7. Workflow Automation

When you are looking at a mobile form app, you should also see to it that it can cater to something beyond just data collection. Can it help you automate the processes for you? Can the work be assigned automatically to the concerned department on the basis of the form inputs? Can it set alerts, prepare schedules, send notifications automatically?

8. Integration

The integration capability is one of the most key features when it comes to a mobile form app.
When it can be readily integrated with other platforms like CRM, SAP, Zapier, PeopleSoft, Google Drive, Salesforce, etc. Integration feature will add more value – because your enterprise doesn’t need another isolated app which cannot be used along with other systems.
When the integration feature is fully utilized, it cuts down the scope of repetitive and manual work.

9. Data Security

Data security is one factor that keeps most of the enterprises away from digital transformation. Although the concerns seem valid, there are mobile forms apps available in the market that can take care of data safety.
It’s a wider term and security requirements are subjective.
So whether it is cloud security you are worried about or data encryption, data security is one item on the checklist that cannot be overlooked at any cost.
If you make sure that these parameters are taken care of, then your enterprise isn’t away from a good mobile form app.
There is more to it. All of these capabilities come along with a cost & time-frame attached to it. Budget & Time-frames are very critical parameters to any enterprise that cannot be ruled out.
There are a few mobile form apps that can be built in low turnaround time and within a small budget. Axonator is one of those platforms.

Axonator Quick Tip:

It is always wiser to build mobile form app that is tailored around your specific needs, processes, and data rather. Always consider the app users as customers while developing an app.
Employ agile development techniques after you understand the app usage, app interaction, and task usage.

Axonator is one of the most-trusted mobile form builder. It’s a simple yet powerful app for data collection.

Axonator has been able to help enterprises to get rid of paper and pen-based approach completely.
Moreover, it’s an app that is inclusive of all aforementioned parameters that boost productivity, bring down costs, and most importantly learn from the data that you collected.
Interested to know how Axonator can help your enterprise?
Get in touch now!E-mail [email protected]
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