Making Mobile Work For Your Business

How a Mobile App Made Govt Scheme Accessible is a Mind-Blowing Story

This blog is an interesting account of how one government had a herculean task of nation-wide data collection. The stakes of the project were so high that failing was not an option. But soon enough after launching the ambitious project with paper forms, hiccups started one after another. They did figure out a magic pill for this problem – mobile forms app! Find out how it worked.

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Using Workflow Software for Process Automation Made Easy!

When advantages of automation are undeniable, businesses are slowly turning towards workflow automation solutions. But, where can they utilize the software? Which processes can be automated? Will it be effective? And one main question – is it for my business? Of course, it is, after all, you too maybe spending 65% of our time on non-revenue generating admin tasks. Yeah, that’s true!

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