3 Key Benefits of Mobile Workflow App to Enhance Field Productivity

3 Key Benefits of Mobile Workflow App to Enhance Field Productivity
In the days when everything revolves around smartphones, from something as simple as making calls to banking transactions, Axonator brings the World’s most powerful mobile form builder.
This Mobile Workflow App can be used for building mobile forms, simply and easily for any business. What’s best is that you don’t need to code anything and it works on both Android and iOS devices!
Traditionally, data used to be manually collected on paper forms and was then later fed into computers.
This process usually had numerous errors and mismatches. But Axonator has brought a platform using which, the data is entered into the forms on handheld devices and later updated into computers, thus eliminating human errors.

The kinds of errors that can be avoided by using Axonator are:

Data Entry errors in which data used to be filled in forms and later entered into the computers.

Errors occur while transporting the data:

Data passes through several hands before reaching its final destination, and a small error at the beginning can lead to a chain of errors.
Sometimes, delay in the manual collection can cause problems like the storage of forms, loss during transportation, the forms getting wet in the rain or getting soiled and torn.
Due to a lack of monitoring, the wrong data is sometimes provided which can be eliminated. As the picture of the applicant is captured during filling forms using the app, data forging can be eliminated to a certain extent.

Benefits of Axonator:

  • Users can grow their business faster and more efficiently.
  • Makes the mobile workforce more productive.
  • Makes your customers enjoy your product.
  • Always keeps your data updated.
  • You can gather data when offline and sync it when online.
  • Get insight into your real-time business activities.
  • Automate your workflow without any hassles.
  • You can integrate it into your systems easily.
This Workflow management software is so simplified that you can recreate forms from an existing app or you can build one from scratch. Users can just drag and drop from the available set of widgets to create forms.

There is no need to hire developers when you just need to drag and drop and when you simply click a button, the app can be published on your devices.

The Axonator app does not require users to have an internet connection. Data can be captured anytime, anywhere and it can be synced later.
Axonator is an ideal application for Workflow Automation and if you really wish to go paperless! You can select from the readymade apps or customize it to fit your needs.
You can also send your paper forms to Axonator, and we will create Workflow Applications free of cost for you. This offer is for only a limited period so hurry and avail it at the earliest!
You can extract business insights using Axonator, which other platforms don’t provide.
  • This platform ensures that your data is highly secure. Axonator prides itself on providing their customers with the similar data security technology as the one used in the Bank of America.
  • The infrastructure used by Axonator for hosting is similar to the ones used by the US Government and NASA.
  • The users can mark specific data, and Axonator ensures that the data is encrypted.
  • It can be configured so only authorized personnel can gain access.
  • Axonator systems are monitored around the clock by security bots ensuring protection against malicious attacks.

The Axonator Workflow builder is being used by some of the top companies in the market as this platform is designed to take a huge workload off your shoulders.

Your data is updated instantly as it filled from one end, which saves both time and money.

Package price:

For any organization, it is highly impossible to keep track of the numerous forms that get generated in a day and over a period, they lose complete track of all these forms. The Workflow Management platform provided by Axonator takes care of all these issues meticulously.
Axonator offers a free trial to its users and depending on their requirement, the users can pick from three different packages – Basic, Standard, and Advanced. Users can cancel their account anytime.

Basic Package comes at a low price of $15 per month for one user. This includes:

  • Mobile forms, Unlimited apps, Submissions
  • Data limit of 1 GB
  • Basic Workflow

Standard Package, which is the most popular with clients comes at a monthly price of $20 per user. This Includes:

  • All the features of the Basic Package
  • Data limit of 2 GB
  • Third Party Integration

Advanced Package is priced at $25 per month for a single user. This package includes:

  • All the features of the Standard Package
  • Advanced Workflows
  • Data limit of 5 GB
Axonator is not just limited to office use. It can be used by schools, hospitals, insurance companies, government organizations and anyone who deals with huge amounts of data through forms.
As soon as the data is filled up in the hand-held device, it is saved and can be updated directly into the system.
This Mobile Workflow App helps avoid human errors while entering data as it eliminates many processes that were traditionally followed.
Since it is an effortless application, it allows the users to set it up within minutes and start using it.
The users can customize it according to their requirement or select from the available choices. As Axonator provides a free trial option, users are free to try out the application before subscribing to it.
Axonator also offers 24×7 customer support and data security.

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