Making Mobile Work For Your Business

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What’s Making Companies to Go the Automation Way?

Bill Gates’ futuristic vision didn’t just turn out to be true, it interestingly became a crucial phenomenon for enterprises to grow up operations and become profitable. Find out about this phenomenon and how it is changing the business landscape today.

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What’s Mobile Forms App & How They Can Help Your Business

Mobile Forms Apps are projected to be the magic bullet that businesses need. But are they really? Curiously when these mobile apps are leveraged well, they do a lot more than just data collection. This blog will uncover how to use these mobile forms apps in a way that solves productivity issues and a lot more other challenges that your business faces.

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How a Market Research Co. Tackled Fake Data Issue with Mobile App

A Delaware-based market research company suddenly faced a challenge that they had never encountered before – a rise in fake data collection. They found a solution that mysteriously solved not just one problem, but tackled other challenges too – which ultimately led to an increase in greenbacks! Read this case study to find out interesting details.

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[Solved]: Why Digital Transformation Initiatives Fail

So many businesses stopped existing because they did not adopt emerging technologies. But when companies try embracing new technology, they might fail in their first attempt. Same holds true for digital transformation. Why some companies do not even get started? Are they doing it right? Is it a costly affair? Is it apt for your business? Interestingly, this blog not just busts the common myths around digital transformation but also offers a feasible solution that many CIOs do not even know. Read out to find more.

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How Mobility is Changing the Landscape of Govt Field Data Collection

Technology is making inroads not just in the private sector, but also in the public sector. With several acts concerning mobility coming in to force, the face of field data collection is changing. This blog unveils some interesting facts & figures pertaining to productivity, reduced operational costs, & even carbon footprint. As a matter of fact, some federal agencies have achieved digitalization already. Read how!

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