10 Checklists That Every Business Should Convert into App

Emma AndersonJune 22, 2021

The modern enterprise is a ‘mobile first’ one. Access to information, seamless workflow, streamlined business processes, and functionalities of mobile apps make the employees more productive than ever before. And in recent times, the same has extended to facility management

Under facility management, digital checklists have earned an important role in streamlining and making things easier for the facility managers. Digital Checklists have grown so much that they are being used to make processes safer and more efficient and can be found nearly in every facility. Thus, it has become important for facility managers to have digital checklists in their digital transformation strategy that can help them accelerate productivity, growth, and return on investment (ROI)

Digital checklists sure are better than paper-based handbooks and checklists that ensure that everything is in order and keep track of problems and procedures that need improvement. However, there are some more challenges such as customizability and mobility in web-based digital checklists that hinder the productivity of the organizations

And that’s why we advocate that organizations convert the following checklist into digital apps for more advanced facility management

Incident Management Checklist

The function of a facility manager in the management of incidents is arguably the most important. Not having a comprehensive solution in place can result in equipment damage and business interruption. Hence, it has become vital for facilities management companies to respond quickly to major occurrences by using automated alerts to identify and fix them. Companies may create incident management app that offer fast effective communication across teams and include a variety of functions such as alert management, issue reporting, and so on

Field service management digital checklists enable field employees to increase productivity, improve service quality, and improve customer satisfaction without the need for additional capital investment. Energy management, manufacturing, and other service-oriented sectors are among the many areas where they may be found working to manage a varied variety of facilities

What role does a mobile-based field service management checklist play in enabling field workers to do their tasks with ease?

In work order management, a significant amount of time is lost in order to reach the appropriate department. Other important resources, such as money and energy, are drawn in by the attraction of time

What you receive as a result of using a digital Work Order Management digital checklist is as follows:

The necessity of properly selecting and planning the deployment of a new FM checklist cannot be overstated. Proper planning also guarantees that the organization continues to achieve long-term cost, efficiency, and sustainability savings while still achieving the organization’s overall objectives

When utilized appropriately, an inspection checklist may provide confidence that a certain piece of equipment has been thoroughly inspected before it is used. By checking off each item on the checklist, the person performing the inspection is ensuring that each component of the equipment is in proper operating condition

Keeping track of workplace initiatives and the general performance of the building will be a crucial part of every facility manager’s job description. Failure to appropriately optimize these areas can result in lower employee happiness, whilst building problems can result in increased corporate expenses due to increasing maintenance costs

A business is more vulnerable to data breaches and security events while working with other suppliers, which can result in significant operational, financial, and reputational consequences. An efficient vendor compliance management digital checklist will enable you to identify risks associated with vendors, reduce and effectively control those risks while also increasing the overall security of your business

Suppliers and quality control providers should be provided with a thorough quality control checklist since it communicates their needs and standards. Checklists assist importers in ensuring that their expectations are recognized and that their product is held to the appropriate level by quality control personnel

Axonator is the perfect enterprise-grade mobile app builder solution for facility managers or building service contractors who need to digitally manage all facets of facility management including assets, events, hazards, maintenance tasks, and purchase orders. With a sleek UI, drag and drop interface, and intuitive user experience, Axonator’s digital checklists eliminate the use of paper forms and improve productivity. Facility managers have to oversee the day-to-day upkeep of large facilities with numerous people, machinery, and moving parts. With Axonator, they can create facility management digital checklists electronically and access them anywhere

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