Go Touchless with Axonator Mobile Attendance App

Deploy a touch-free employee attendance app powered by facial recognition technology. Monitor your remote, on-field, and on-premise employees, staff, and visitors in real-time.

A Single App Ensuring All Attendance Needs

The Axonator mobile attendance app enables your company to ensure workplace health and safety in view of the ongoing pandemic by making the entire process of recording employee attendance touchless. 

Do More Than Just Recording Attendance!

Facial Recognition Technology

Our attendance app employs facial recognition technology to verify employee credentials and eliminates fake or buddy clocking.
Touch-Free Attendance App Enabled With Voice Detection ​
Leave Management and Attendance Tracking App

Effortless Leave Management

Equipped with intuitive features like leave management, leave records of employees, and keep track of the number of leaves taken with literally no effort.

Reporting Process Simplified

No need to check attendance registers and work on creating reports manually. Automatically generate attendance reports in the format of your choice like CSV or Excel, among others.
Real-Time Reporting - Work Order App

Seamless Integration

Send Data to Third Party Software

Attendance data collected can be transferred to your existing data management system easily and our app can integrate with various third-party HR apps.
CMMS Integration

Say Hello To Smart Attendance!

Facial Recognition and Voice Detection

Register employees, staff, and visitors as they enter the predesignated area for marking attendance.

Ability To Track Field Employees

Track your field employees’ geographical location and use route-tracking ability to know about their work history.

Define Rules for Managing Time

Standardize work activities for workers through varied shift times. Identify them as payable or non-payable.

Easy Leave Management & Over-Time Calculations

Approve or reject leave requests through the app as soon as the leave request notification is received.

Speed up Process with Report Generation

Different types of reports detailing leave requests etc. are generated automatically. Reduce the workload of the HR department to focus on more pressing matters.

Easy Integration With Other Platforms

Easily integrate with any third-party system or platform. Enable the HR department to connect the attendance app with your existing HR management system.

How Can Axonator Attendance App Help Your Business?

Axonator Attendance App offers a low-learning curve and makes it easier to have all your employee information in a single place and accessible at any time. Take right advantage of facial recognition, GPS, and voice detection technology.

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