Optimized Functioning With Axonator Asset Tracking App

The Axonator asset tracking app utilizes cutting edge processes to track physical assets during their entire lifecycle for optimized material management and improved field staff performance.


Innovation Unleashed for Superior Business Solutions

Eliminate cumbersome processes and material thefts, streamline physical inventories and take control of valuable goods through the Axonator asset tracking app.

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Effective Monitoring

The app facilitates enhanced management and control of inventory flow throughout the entire asset lifecycle.

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Role-Based Access

Implement role-based access policy based on function and location of employees for better security and control.

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Robust Documentation

Record and store all logistics info, asset control data and tracking alerts of products, assets and goods.

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Improved Bottom Line

Reduced number of lost assets, missed service calls and product thefts for improving profits. 

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Signature Capture

Capture digital signatures for implementing proper asset management protocols and authenticity.

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Better Decision Making

Gain valuable information regarding critical parameters like checked out items, warranty expiry dates and expired contracts for effective decision making.

Control Your Critical Business Assets

The Axonator asset tracking app is perfect for accurate data capturing to manage and track critical business assets by using technologies like barcode and RFID.

Asset Lifecycle Management​

Asset Lifecycle Management

Simplify Asset Collection And Delivery

Axonator asset management app enables effective tracking of delivery and collection processes for reducing the number of missing assets. Scan and record the delivery and location of assets and the asset condition through mobile devices. 

Simplify Asset Collection And Delivery​

Simplify Complicated Audit Processes Using Automated Workflows

Configure workflows for automating critical asset tracking processes for achieving better speed, accuracy and accountability.

Workflows For Superior Asset Tracking ​

Workflows For Superior Asset Tracking

Conduct Fixed Asset Auditing

The asset tracking app provides detailed information about the history and condition of assets along with all the associated records concerning issue, returns and maintenance. Facilitate asset reallocation to minimize unnecessary purchase for cost-effective operations. 

Conduct Fixed Asset Auditing ​

Generate Custom Reports For Effective Resource Allocation

Easily record critical information like total number of assets, their current condition and the department to which they are assigned. This information is reading available by using the asset tracking app for better monitoring and reporting.

Get Reliable Insights​

Get Reliable Insights

Facilitate Digital Transformation By Comprehensive Audit Reports

Generate detailed audit reports in your preferred format and compile the audit findings in a visually appealing dashboard format for better understanding and analysis.

Inspection App Facilitate Digital Transformation By Comprehensive Audit Reports​
Application of Asset Tracking Across Different Industries​

Asset Tracking Mobile App Across Different Industries

The Axonator platform is trusted across industries all over the world for imparting great value by leveraging the potential of mobile apps. Here are some of the industries where asset tracking is used.

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Learn How Axonator Can Help You to Create an App

Our team will demonstrate how to create an app and use advanced features of Axonator.