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Introducing one-stop, cloud-based asset management software to monitor and track valuable assets to improve assets’ lifecycles and reduce maintenance costs

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Asset Management Software
Get Up to 500% in Return on Investment
Engage in a comprehensive view of all asset types, conditions, maintenance schedules, locations, and asset work processes to provide companies with optimal planning, audit, and compliance capabilities
Complete Control Over Your Assets
Track Through Smart Devices
Efficiently track and manage all valuable assets through mobile phones. You can effortlessly track assets based on various parameters such as current conditions, maintenance details, asset location, historical purchase date, current usage, and much more
Asset Tagging
Axonator | QR code scanner app
Faster Access with QR Codes
Equip valuable equipment with asset tags and access complete information about each asset by scanning QR codes or barcodes. Moreover, print and design QR codes and barcodes and scan them with your smart devices
Track Assets Without Any Hassles
Axonator Asset Management Software offers a real-time overview of assets’ location. Keep complete track of all assets being transferred or moved with ease with the GPS tracking feature. See the different locations of any valuable assets for improved navigation
Real-time Asset Tracking
Maintenance Scheduling
No More Asset Breakdowns
Improve asset reliability with condition-based maintenance based on asset health insights from operational data and analytics. Execute preventive as well as corrective maintenance for assets to maintain them in prime condition
Run The World’s Easiest Asset Management Application

No More Prolonged Downtime

Optimize asset management and maintenance processes to enhance operational performance. Record detailed information about valuable assets such as timestamps or service requests associated with that particular asset, thereby reducing equipment downtime and costs

Track Asset Lifecycle For Better Management

Use best-in-class data models and workflows to streamline the asset management landscape. This, in turn, helps companies boost returns on assets and track asset life cycles for better management. Also, use this information to reduce the number of missing assets and asset thefts

A Centralized Dashboard for All Your Needs

Axonator asset management software creates secure, centralized information with greater visibility into asset life cycles, asset maintenance, location, downtimes, and optimizing inventory management in real-time. Observe detailed asset information in just one click

Break the Connectivity Barrier

Submit all asset-related data without worrying about internet connectivity. Staff members can submit all data offline, and integrate it with the system once it connects to the internet. Enjoy compatibility across all operating systems

Increase Efficiency in Operations

A comprehensive and flexible asset management software designed specifically for the process industries. Reduce costs, identify efficiencies and get to an exceptional Return on Investment – much quicker than you thought possible

Stay Ahead of Asset’s Life-cycle

An extremely easy-to-use tool that enables you to create and maintain an asset management software. The longer an asset’s life, the better position it is in to handle unexpected repairs and help keep your overhead expenses low

Rapid Digital Transformation Through Business Process Automation
Consistently Rated Best-in-Class
Axonator no-code platform has been appreciated by some of the leading organizations across the globe for ease of use, functionality, value for money, and great user experience. There's a reason Axonator has better ratings than any other business process automation platform.
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