The Top 5 Reasons To Use An EHS Software Solution

If you are an EHS specialist or want to learn about EHS software solutions and how they can help you streamline your safety inspections and audits, then you are at the right place. 

So in this article, we will dive deeper into our top 5 reasons to use an EHS software solution. But before moving forward, let’s understand what EHS software is and how companies can benefit from them in the long run. 

What is Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Software?

EHS management software is a solution that companies implement to build, manage and monitor their safety culture and programs meant to ensure the safety of their employees as well as remain compliant with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA). 

With that said, not all companies understand how complicated the enforcement of OSHA can be. For this reason, EHS software is a must-have because they help businesses stay compliant with regulations, track incidents, and hazards, and manage the audit.
For example, an EHS software solution provides mobile apps that allow individuals to report hazards, near-misses, and accidents in the workplace effectively and quickly.
Thus, when it comes to managing your organization’s environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance program, an EHS software solution can prove to be an extremely valuable tool.
Now that we had a quick run-through with the basics let’s explore five features of EHS software that make it a must-have for your business.

5 Reasons Why Businesses Need EHS Software

1. EHS Software Streamlines Inspections and Audits

Regular safety inspections and audits are crucial to maintaining a safe and compliant workplace. With EHS software, businesses can streamline their audits and inspections by
  • Enabling safety officers or auditors to ask questions and quickly note and record problems on digital mobile forms and checklists.
  • Allowing auditors to add images and notes to each safety violation and capture each one with evidence and in detail.
  • Conveniently sending and sharing audit result reports automatically to the respective management or department for quick review and recommendations.
The efficiency and accuracy with which companies can achieve all the points mentioned above with EHS software are somewhat missing in the case of paper-based audits and inspections.
Additionally, it ensures that all aspects of the workplace are regularly checked and that potential hazards are identified and addressed quickly and on time which is close to impossible with paper trails.

2. EHS Software Simplifies Incident Management

In an accident or incident, a quick and effective response is crucial. EHS software can help by
  • Providing a central repository for storing incident reports, investigating incidents, and documenting corrective actions. 
  • Sending instant alerts and notifications when there are serious safety violations or non-compliances to the concerned team for quick corrective action.
Moreover, this ensures that all incidents are appropriately documented and tracked, making it easier to identify trends and address potential hazards.

3. EHS Software Helps Record, Track, and Resolve Safety Violations

EHS software help companies record safety violation data in real-time using mobile apps. The company can effortlessly record, track and resolve safety violations by sending instant notifications and alarms on missing compliances. 

This ensures that all safety violations are addressed quickly and assigned corrective action to responsible team members for resolution.
Moreover, the software might send timely reminders if they missed any corrective action. This can help a company track safety violations in all their production lines.

4. EHS Software Provides Visibility Over Key Performance Indicators

EHS software visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs) such as injury rates, near misses, and safety incidents on a custom dashboard. This data can benchmark safety performance across different locations or periods.
For example, some EHS software provides an analytics dashboard where you can easily see your organization’s risk profile or incidences of safety violations, accidents, injury rates, and near misses at a glance. This gives the organization instant visibility into KPIs or areas where additional safety measures may be needed.

5. EHS Software Helps In Capturing And Modifying Unsafe Practices

Unexpected injury, health issues, compensation fines, and unanticipated regulatory fines hinder effectiveness and productivity. Having essential data stored in multiple systems can create disjointed experiences for uncovering insights. Because when data is stored in two different systems, it can lead to misalignments and a lack of accessibility.
EHS software provides companies with meaningful insights into unsafe practices through dashboard reporting and automatically generated reports. The results of these reports can be analyzed to make better data decisions and planning strategies.


If you are looking for a way to improve environmental health and safety in your workplace, implementing an EHS software solution like Axonator is an excellent option. By streamlining EHS processes and providing real-time data tracking and reporting, Axonator can help you identify and correct potential hazards before they cause accidents or injuries.
In addition, choosing Axonator’s EHS software can save time and money for your organization by reducing the need for paper documentation and manual data entry.

Why Axonator?

Organizations across the world trust Axonator to solve their business processes automation challenges by converting their paper-based manual processes into a fully digital organization within weeks while controlling budget & time.

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