Top 5 Quality Control Apps in 2022

Get in-detail information about quality control apps to know which works best for you!

Quality control is an essential aspect of any business. It ensures that the products that are being produced meet the standards that the company sets. To ensure quality, many enterprises use quality control apps. 

These apps help to monitor and track the progress of specific products. They also help identify any issues early on so they can be corrected quickly. This helps ensure that the products being produced are of high quality.

This article highlights what you should expect from the quality control app to ease your way in deciding the best quality control app for your organization. 

The Quick Guide to Select App

The key to getting the most out of the tool is to choose the most acceptable program for your needs. If you’ve never used digital before or are unhappy with your existing application, this article will help you make the best choice when the time comes.

Evaluate Your Current Needs

To get the most out of quality control app, it is important to first determine how and to what extent you intend to use it. This type of introspection is the first step toward maximizing advantages from software that suits your company’s day-to-day operating demands.

Consider Ease of Use

There are numerous reasons to avoid bloated software with unnecessary functionality. The team members in your workplace likely already have a lot of work on their plates and a lot of skills they’d like to master to do a better job. Learning how to learn a highly complex system is probably not high on the priority list.

User Interface

A basic software solution that solves your specific objectives is likely to be quicker to implement, but the user interface is also crucial. Even apparently trivial issues, such as the quality of the design and the intuitiveness of the user interface, will have an impact on how satisfied your team is with the platform you select.

Organization Scalability and Customization

Always consider a platform that will evolve over time. Your needs now may not be the same as your needs six months or a year from now. Thinking forward can help you discover software that can adapt with you and continue to fulfill your demands no matter what occurs in the future.

Besides, an independent report suggests that companies also require highly customizable software as they have unique processes. Companies fail in bringing a digital platform due to this issue and ultimately lose money and time. 

Considering this crucial challenge, you should always look for software that provides high customization capability to fit the software into your business processes. 

Demo and Explore

If at all feasible, demo or try as many of your potential software choices as possible. This will offer you a hands-on, real-time understanding and feel for the platform and give you an idea of what to expect if you choose that particular facility management software system.

Choose A Vendor With No-code Architecture

Regarding software development, choosing a vendor with customization capabilities and no-code architecture is essential. This way, you can control your project and ensure that your software is precisely developed the way you want it. Plus, no-code architectures are more efficient and easier to use, so you’ll save time and money in the long run.

Expert Advice

We Recommend to Use No-code Platform to Build Quality Control App that Fits your Unique Needs.

Vinay Kardile

Digital Transformation Expert, Axonator

The List of Top 5 Quality Control Apps in 2022

1. Axonator Quality Control App

Axonator’s quality control app, is an enterprise-grade, no-code solution for the manufacturing industry. It is the only software built from the ground up with a mobile-first approach to automate day-to-day quality control-related tasks like quality inspection, quality audit, internal audits, 5S audits, Gemba walks, and more. 

Why Axonator?

  • World’s first mobile-focused & Highly customizable no-code architecture to support real-world scenarios.
  • Deploy enterprise-grade solutions rapidly as per unique requirements.
  • Achieve Paperless quality audits and inspections.
  • Generate reports automatically and automated data collection for trends and analytics.
  • Streamline processes and implement a fully automated system within weeks using Axonator’s MicroApp strategy.

Available on Android, iOS, and the web, Axonator is a highly customizable no-code field workflow automation platform mainly used to transform your paper and spreadsheet-based manual processes and maintain quality control in numerous industries. 

Axonator offers a number of simple and ready-to-use enterprise-grade apps for field workflows like inspections, audits, safety, asset management software, and work order management software that can be used by organizations to replace paper, spreadsheet & cumbersome desktop-based manual processes with mobile & tablet apps. 

Get an Enterprise-grade Quality Control App

2. iAuditor by SafetyCulture

Auditor allows organizations to digitize all the elements of quality-related operations. It empowers teams to capture data, identify areas of improvement, share reports, and collaborate across working groups. 

Features of the App

  • checklists and inspection forms 
  • Quick QR code scan support
  • Real-time reports and analytics
  • Capture images, add annotations, and relevant information

Free Trial:

Free for teams with less than ten members.


The premium plan starts at $19 per month with a 30-day trial

3. Produce Pro Quality Control App

Produce Pro is one of the leading ERP apps used by industries dealing with perishables and produce. The app is used for streamlining inventory and product inspection processes by digitizing paperwork, making and assigning inspection scores, and receiving goods. 

Features of the App

  • Real-time notifications about food item’s inspection status.
  • Automated reminders for the following stages of a product’s life.
  • Color-coded statuses for easy reading
  • An inspection screen for each product in the list to record quality control values that managers can set based on your quality standards 

Free Trial:

The company provides a free trial.


The price of the Produce Pro Core ERP software will depend on the organization’s needs.

4. Nestforms Quality Control App

The Nestforms app can serve as an app for conducting quality control surveys. The quality managers of a company can use this survey to manipulate customer insight on certain products through continuous feedback or employee feedback. After the survey is complete, they’re able to store the activity in their employer portal, which they are able to access as often as needed.

Features of the App

  • Save GPS coordinates
  • Can work offline
  • Multiple users in one form 
  • Customizable email notifications

Free Trial:

Free for 14 days.


The paid version starts at $12.95 per month.

5. Tetra Inspection Quality Control App

Tetra Inspection provides quality control and assurance services for all types of companies. With this app, you can participate in the examination process to ensure that product quality and safety are managed efficiently and cost-effectively.

Features of the App

  • We have dedicated quality control modules for various products like electronics, textiles, furniture, children’s toys, and footwear.
  • App also consists built-in knowledge base about the different materials required to make a particular type of product and quality standards.
  • Audit and inspection forms for supplier verification, pre-shipment, initial production, and container loading.

Free Trial:

No free plans are available.


Prices start at $190 per person-day. 

The Best Quality Control App in 2022

All of the above quality control apps are made to do one thing; help companies achieve the utmost perfection with their day-to-day operations, and all of them succeed at that part.

However, each has a perfect and improving side that caters to different kinds of organizations and managers. 

Most ready software available in the market currently doesn’t fit your processes precisely, and they cost thousands of dollars to achieve automation and still don’t offer the intended result.

And, that’s where Axonator comes into the picture. The platform’s no-code architecture enables customizable, enterprise-grade solution development that is precise to your processes and gives control over time and cost.

Axonator is the only platform available in the world that can be used across any industry, process, or organization.

Connect with us to get a free demo to see how it stacks up against all of these vendors in terms of simplicity and ease of use.

Best Quality Control App 2022

Discover how companies like yours are using Axonator for transforming their field operations. 

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