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A Powerful Mobile Form App Unleash Axonator’s robust mobile form features to build an app for data collection!

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Mobile Form Features that Will Make Your Work Effortless

Now enable your teams to do more work with fewer efforts through these widgets. Now enjoy rich data collection and better productivity.

icon of Date, Time, Stopwatch​

Date, Time, Stopwatch

Capture date & time. Use stopwatch to track time taken for a task

text number email

Text, Checklist, Checkbox

Capture rich text faster. Select options without having to type down everything.

icon of audio-and-video

Audio, Video

Collect data in multimedia format like audio & video.

icon of Signature is an authentication feature


Signature is authentication feature that makes data collection more valuable

icon of add-location

GPS Location

Add location to data from fields & sites. More authentication to data collection.

Child & Parent Property

Objects are represented as forms in Axonator and their relationship is modeled using parent-child relationships.

sub forms


Turn long forms into smaller ones with subforms to make data collection faster.

visibility & calculation

Visibility & Calculations

Decide widget visibility based on input. And Computed widget will help you to make calculations.

Barcode & QR Code Scanner

Barcode & QR code scanner can help your teams to capture data in a blink of the eye. No more delays in data collection

Image Capture with Annotation

Now easily capture images while collecting data. You can even annotate the images to leave important notes for your teams to check and take action.

Your Apps Will Work Even When Offline​

Your Apps Will Work 
Even When Offline

Collect data even when there's no internet. Autosync 
when there's internet

Advancement to The Next Level

Collect data offline no internet doc designer

Fully Customizable

Just drag & drop to build & redesign forms.
Build workflows & create reports.

auto-sync data.

Visibility conditions

You can set visibility of specific
widget based on inputs.

Find your unsaved & unsubmitted data in drafts.​

Auto saved drafts

This feature allows data to be
saved in drafts that can be
submitted later.

icon indicate All submitted records are safe & secure in the cloud

Import your data

You can import data from
existing system to Axonator App.

Access data in real-time.

Offline access

Collect data even in offline mode
and app will automatically sync
when you get connected to the internet.

Easily Integrate Axonator with any System​

Data Privacy & Data Security

Axonator healthcare survey software follows the strict standards and protecting algorithms to keep complete survey data private and secure

Combined Shape

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