App Assembly Process to Develop Mobile Apps in a Record Time

Accelerate your application development process by using ready-made libraries including feature library, form library, module library, and pre-built components that can be assembled and reused easily.
App Assembly Process

Zero-code, Drag and Drop Architecture for Faster Application Development!

Axonator’s zero-code architecture provides organizations with everything they need to develop enterprise-grade apps without coding. It enables organizations to assemble pre-built components and elements from form library, feature library, and module library for rapid application development.

Superfast, Ready-to-Use Libraries

Component Library

A ready-made collection of pre-built components including form builder, workflow builder, report & dashboards, and integrations that can be assembled and used together to create customizable apps that fits exactly in your business needs. Just drag-and-drop and develop anything you require without coding.

Form Library 

A collection of various kinds of forms such as object form, action form, data collection forms, event forms, etc. Differentiate your forms from other traditional forms using relationships between forms, validations, visibility conditions, and subforms. You can even customize them as per your unique needs.
Value-Added Features For Better Performance ​

Feature Library 

A collection of cutting-edge features including Date, Time, Stopwatch, floor maps, schedulers Text, Checklist, Checkbox, Audio, Video, Child & Parent Property, Visibility & Calculations, GPS Location, Image Capture with Annotation, Barcode & QR Code Scanner, workflows, dashboards, and visibility & calculations. These features can be assembled together to develop advanced solutions effortlessly.

Module Library 

A ready-made collection of various types of modules such as inspection management, work order management, inventory management that can be used across numerous industries. All these modules can be packed into a single application that fulfills all your unique needs.

Assembling Enterprise-grade Mobile Apps with the Simplicity!

Gathering Requirements, Defining Scope & Directions

We design and suggest the perfect solution for your organization after requirement gathering. Components and elements from libraries can be assembled to build tailored solutions.
Business Process Management

Developing Tailored Solutions Packed With Thousands of Apps

Assemble the components and elements from libraries and create your preferred software. Pack thousands of ready-made MicroApps in a single environment.

Assembling Enterprise-grade Features for You

Our solutions comes with enterprise-grade features like top-notch security, integrations, single sign-on, etc. Our privacy, security, and infrastructure standards adhere to best industry practices.

Final Sign Off - Internal & Client-side Testing

Internal, client-side, and user acceptance testing to fix all the development issues. The zero-code architecture enables organizations to test solutions quickly with end-user involvement and feedback.

Flawless Integration With Your Existing Data Management Systems and Processes

Axonator zero-code platform can easily integrate with your existing data management system and process.  It gives you an ‘omnichannel’ experience that makes migration from one platform to another a seamless affair.
CMMS Integration

Why is App Assembly a Successful Strategy?

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Quickly Create New Mobile Apps

Continuously develop enterprise-grade mobile apps faster than ever and quickly meet customers’ changing needs. Easily assemble pre-built components that are constantly updated with the most advanced functionalities and roll out new applications quickly.
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Reduce Delivery Time to Market

Accelerate the delivery of new applications by reusing existing libraries to achieve business results sooner. Axonator dramatically reduces the time and cost associated with designing and building new applications.
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Save Millions in Development

Don’t spend heavily on an IT company for creating full-fledged, monolithic applications to start your digital transformation journey. With Axonator, achieve digital transformation in a step-by-step method without capital expenditure.
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Libraries to Fulfill Every Requirement

Our comprehensive libraries enables organizations to create any kind of application that fits their unique needs. This approach has helped us to develop applications on a mass scale. If you have a concept, we will build it for you through our proven app assembly process.
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Makes Application Development Agile

Axonator’s zero-code architecture makes app development extremely agile without worrying about the quality. The platform is proven, top quality, and tested. Our technology team collaborates with your team to build and architect the perfect solution that fits your needs.
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Secure & Scalable Cloud Architecture

Axonator’s cloud-based environment offers a host of benefits over conventional software. It is easy to install, and you can scale the entire platform as per your growing needs. All of solutions meet stringent security, privacy, and compliance requirements to keep data safe.

What's Next?
Let's Mobilize Your Legacy Systems

Leave paper-based processes and spreadsheets behind. Modernize your legacy systems in the form of mobile applications and embrace the path of enterprise mobility for improved business outcomes.

Enterprise Ready Solution Apps

Axonator provides ready-made solution apps to many common problems faced by organizations of various sizes.
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Mobile Forms + Dashboards

Essential apps built using Axonator’s mobile form builder and dashboards for digitizing data collection.
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Forms + Workflows + Dashboards

Advanced apps built using Axonator’s mobile form builder, workflow builder, and dashboard for BPM.
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Complete Process & Data Management

End-to-end application developed on Axonator low-code platform to fit specific requirements.

Consistently Rated Best-in-Class

Axonator no-code platform has been appreciated by some of the leading organizations across the globe for ease of use, functionality, value for money, and great user experience. There’s a reason Axonator has better ratings than any other business process automation platform.
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