App Assembly Process

Form and feature library are used to produce app templates that serve as a mold for the assembly process of Axonator apps on an industrial scale. These apps are being implemented by different companies and individuals, corporates and institutions, speedily and with minimal training requirements.

App features are contained as the source code for different features that are executed by apps developed by using the Axonator platform. These are apps developed by our solution developers that are available off the shelf to implement tailor-made/customized solutions to our clients and customers. Typically, this experience is just like plug and play, with businesses implementing Axonator app modules like the plug and play process, with little intervention required from tech staff.

Individual app software modules are assembled at our India office, where the availability of IT talent is high, coupled with a huge talent pool from which Axonator chooses its technical staff amongst a high number of applicants.

In a nutshell

The app assembly process followed by Axonator a simple and logical process, developed using the basic algos and perfected by our tech staff to mass produce apps, which on the front end use minimal code, even non-technical individuals can use the platform with ease, while on the back end constant refinements are made to refine the process and iron-out any difficulties, that are taken care by Axonator solution developers.


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