Transform Your Decision Making Process With AI Dashboards

Transform Your Decision Making Process With AI Dashboards

A dashboard is a tool to effectively consolidate, track, and display information that is collated from various data sources for better understanding and visualization of the represented indices. 

Dashboards help users to monitor the emerging trends revealed by data, track their business processes, and make informed decisions based on rigorous analysis.

What makes AI dashboards different from normal BI dashboards is that AI enables the software to automate the processes that generate valuable insights and does more than just representing the data in an attractive manner. 

Besides better visualization of the collated data, AI dashboards based on neural networks, pattern recognition, and other cutting-edge technologies help users in leveraging intelligent algorithms to analyze the gathered data into usable information.

This considerably cuts down manual analysis and saves both the time and money by enabling decision-makers to make critical business decisions faster and more efficiently.

Axonator believes in enabling their clients to fully leverage the potential of their digital transformation initiatives and realize the true potential of their business and human capital for greater profitability and adding more value both for themselves and the market they cater to.

Overcome The Analysis Paralysis

Overcome The Analysis Paralysis

Business analysts, data managers, and virtually anyone who needs to interpret data being represented in the current BI dashboards have to slog hard to extract value from the data deluge that is both overwhelming and time-consuming.

This leads to more time spent in analyzing manually the collected data and a painful, time consuming, and inefficient analysis of such data that ultimately have little or no relevance, since too much valuable time is lost in deriving the insights, with little or no reliability on its accuracy. Basically, companies suffer from analysis paralysis.

While the availability of huge quantities of structured data is necessary for conducting a thorough analysis and for extracting meaningful insights from it, however, merely the availability of data and its constant supply doesn’t add any value or meaning or justifies the investment costs to procure such data. 

If no proper analysis is carried out by processing the data and gleaning the key metrics and insights that truly matter for decision-makers, latency in the process makes it ineffective.

A Data Deluge Leading To A Dearth of Meaningful Business Insights

A Data Deluge Leading To A Dearth of Meaningful Business Insights

Grappling with a data deluge, where data is collected from different sources is just dumped in a dashboard and the represented metrics may or may not add value to the users and decision makers, sometimes making matters worse by inferring wrong trends because of the lack of an integrated approach.

While a BI dashboard may seem to be impressive at a first glance, representing a number of KPIs related to sales, customers, business processes, and the like, but you need to ask what kind of value these insights are providing. 

Is the data letting you to gain access to recognizable patterns hidden in these piles of figures and metrics and using them to make faster and informed decisions?

The Confluence of Business Intelligence and Strategy Formulation

What businesses and decision-makers really need is a fast-paced, user-friendly, and real-time updating of data and the automation of such processes that give a constant supply of relevant information that is based on the contextual business environment and on the interdependence of a variety of factors making up the complicated and volatile economic landscape that businesses are operating in currently.

Axonator Offers A Viable Solution

The very idea for the existence of the Axonator no-code platform is to ensure that not only decision-makers get enhanced visibility from AI dashboards, but also the collation of the data is automated for better efficiency and cutting downtime for making decisions to gain a competitive advantage.

With Axonator, things work differently. We give our clients the ability to connect data from different sources with any database that they may be operating.

 This leads to instant accessibility of the information which is derived from a consistent and highly structured approach.

With the elimination of the manual labor in collating and analyzing the collected data, the easy to use drag-and-drop interface of our intelligent AI dashboards enables our clients to better explore and analyze the data and convert it to valuable insights that really matter to decision-makers.

Also, the real-time updating of the information represented in our dashboards ensures that whatever information gets displayed, it is relevant and actionable, considering the time-sensitive nature of data.

By automating entire processes related to data collation and analysis, Axonator helps companies in probing deeper into the data and revealing the hidden trends, anomalies, and critical insights that lead to decisions positively impacting the critical business processes.

Broaden Your Perspective By Crystal Clear Visibility

Broaden Your Perspective By Crystal Clear Visibility

Knowing where to focus for extracting the valuable insights for better and faster decision making, the Axonator platform enables you to illuminate your business operations in their entirety with a clear view of the past trends and the current situation, instead of adopting a constrained and a myopic vision by considering only a limited set of processes or time periods.  

Using the advanced machine learning (ML) and automation approaches, the Axonator AI dashboards help the decision-makers to make sense of the displayed information by a systematic correlation of the critical business parameters to construct a full picture of the current trends in their business and revealing the direction for a strategic forward approach, resulting in improved business outcomes and increased customer satisfaction.

Bring Data To Life With A Powerful AI Dashboard

With the powerful capabilities of the Axonator platform, you are equipped to leverage the insights derived from a rich and action-oriented structured AI Dashboard. 

The Axonator dashboard is capable of:

Time-Series Analytics

Conducting a granulated and rigorous data analysis by selecting particular time periods that dig out insights from hourly, daily, weekly, or even minute-by-minute analysis of the collated data to present valuable time-series analytics that give decision-makers information about the time trends and seasonality of the data for accurate forecasting.

Deep Analysis

Based on rigorous calculations performed to reveal the normal distribution of data by leveraging concepts like relational search and parallel calculations, the Axonator AI Dashboard is capable of generating alerts and highlighting anomalies if data values outside the normal distribution are detected by the system.

Faster Decision Making With Multi-Platform Connectivity and Scalable Architecture

Faster Decision Making With Multi-Platform Connectivity and Scalable Architecture​

The Axonator AI dashboard enables users to swiftly conduct complex data analysis by utilizing ML and AI-based technologies.

The Axonator platform can seamlessly connect with multiple third-party platforms enabling decision-makers to base their decisions on an integrated approach drawing on information sourced from multiple sources and considering a vast number of possible scenarios.

Our platform is highly scalable and can be ramped up considering the processing power that you require as per your specific requirements.

Reducing Latency Between Data and Decisions

By significantly cutting down the latency that can creep in if the decision making process is inefficient, the Axonator AI dashboards enable faster and accurate decision making based on the latest data updated on a real-time basis for highly impactful and positive business outcomes.

A Highly Accessible Mobile-First Solution

Decision-makers need not be present at their office or any fixed location for accessing the AI dashboard. With a highly mobile and dynamic business environment, Axonator has designed the system in a manner that enables access to the decision support system anytime and anywhere, with no need to update any information manually or any need for technical support.

 The entire system is highly flexible and is easily accessible both on mobile interfaces and on web-based platforms.

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